Taa Wongbe Differs With Kinsmen -Signs Resolution for WECC

MONROVIA: Amidst the unanimous decision to sign the resolution calling for the establishment of the war and economic crimes court for Liberia by members of the House of Representatives yesterday during its plenary session, the singular vote by Representative Taa Wongbe of District #9, Nimba County to support the court came up as a surprise to many as it radically departed from the vote against it by his kinsmen.

According to our correspondent who covered historic session, besides Representative Wongbe who has maintained a radical posture in the affairs of Nimba County, all the other 8 representatives either abstained or voted against the resolution, probably because of the interest of Senator Prince Yormie Johnson who has been very vocal to oppose every move that will actualize the establishment of a War and Economic Crimes Court in the country.

Taking to his facebook page at the end of the session to explain why he took the decision to sign on the document when others thought he would have gone the way of his kinsmen who went against the resolution, Wongbe who ran and won his seat as an independent candidate said it was done to fulfil his support to end impunity in the country and to also show his stand against economic crimes perpetrated by corrupt individual.

“Today marks a historic day for Liberia as the resolution for the establishment of the War and Economic Crimes Courts (WECC) was signed. I signed and voted for the resolution. The overwhelming vote in favor of the resolution is a step towards ending impunity for those who have committed war and economic crimes.

“I have been on the record that those who perpetrated war crimes are as equally culpable as those who committed and continue to commit economic crimes and the time for impunity is over!

“As Hon. MrSumo K. Mulbah wrote, “not only by firing gun or cutting heads off, should be seen as a crime. Stealing government resources and money that will disallow citizens to acquire their basic services, is equivalent to a murder as well.” Let us hope that the establishment of these courts will bring justice to those who have been affected by these crimes”, Representative Wongbe said.

The resolution which was a carry-over from the 54th national legislature was made possible to get the attention of the 55th legislature after Speaker Fonati Jonathan Koffa during his induction vowed that every unresolved matters during the last dispensation will be completed under his leadership and mentioned the issue of the establishment of the War and Economic Crimes Court as one of the top priorities.

At yesterday’s voting process, 42 out of 73 or 57% of the representatives from the 73 electoral districts agreed for the court, meaning a majority portion supported it. With the resolution from the lower house, the final decision from the national legislature will now be made if the Senate concurs with the representatives which will then be sent to the President for approval.

According to some political pundits, the favorable vote yesterday at the Capitol Building marked a major watershed in the quest for the implementation of the Truth and Reconciliation Commission (TRC) that has been on the front burner for a long time now.

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