“Stop the Lies! -McGill Debunks Reports of Multi-Million Resort He Built for his Wife

Recently the Internet got flooded by reports accusing the Minister of State for Presidential Affairs, Nathaniel Falo McGill, of allegedly squandering state resources to build for his wife a state-of-the-art deck near the Farmington River in Marshall, with a multi-million dollar estate, as a gift for his wife Vivian Innis McGill’s 36th birthday. Incensed over the allegation, the public became righteously indignant, as many could not understand why a senior government official of the Weah government would engage in such ostentatious display of wealth while the bulk of the population languished in abject poverty. In a bid to ascertain the facts behind the report, The Analyst dispatched its reporter to the site with the aim of getting the true picture behind the story. But lo and behold! Our reporter found a completely contrary version to what has been fed to the public. In Minister McGill’s own words, “those spreading the lies should stop the transferred aggression and judge people on their own account”.

Our reporter, having visited the Marshall property following the report, found the much-talked about “state-of-the-art deck” and the multi-dollar estate story to be completely opposite.

According to information gathered at the site and confirmed by Minister McGill himself, the palava hut is built on a land that is still under development, belonging to Mrs. Vivian Innis McGill who works with the United Nations; while the photo of the house that is making the rounds on the Internet is Minister McGill’s own property on the RIA Highway.

“This story is completely false and misleading. I don’t have any island resorts. The house in the picture is my current house I live in on RIA highway. The palava hut is a simple one built by my wife on her undeveloped property in Marshall. She currently works with the UN. The cost of the hut is US$25k for which she is still indebted to vendors for materials,” Minister McGill taciturnly stated, cautioning, “those spreading the lies should stop the transferred aggression and judge people on their own account”.

Speaking with a close family member at the Marshall property, our reporter found out that Mrs. Vivian Innis-McGill, who also goes by the nickname “VIM”, was already established, educated and earning her own money before getting married to Minister McGill.

“The attack on the person of Mrs. Vivian Innis-McGill is unacceptable and misplaced based on envy and jealousy. Let it be known to all that before her husband’s appointment as Minister of State for Presidential Affairs, she was gainfully working and earning her own money. It owes much to the fact that she is an educated and competent Liberian woman. How on earth will anyone in their right frame of mind question her desire to construct a hut while celebrating her birth anniversary?” the family member wondered.

Further research disclosed that Vivian Neeejay Innis-McGill is a development practitioner, who is committed to serving and designing a methodology to positively impact the lives of women, children, disadvantaged youth, and the extremely poor.

After graduating with an MA (Hons) in Sustainable International Development from the Brandeis University Heller School for Social Policy and Management, Boston Massachusetts USA, she started her career at the Ministry of Gender, Children and Social Protection serving as the supervisor of the United Nations Security Council Resolution (UNSCR-1325) Secretariat at the Ministry of Gender, Children & Social Protection (MGCSP).

In 2016 she was seconded by the Ministry of Gender to serve as the Project Manager for the Girls Ebola Recovery Livelihood Support Project (GERLS) sponsored by the World Bank.

She holds a BBA in Management from the United Methodist University, Liberia, and is currently a 2nd student at the Louis Arthur Grimes School of law, University of Liberia, and currently serving as the Gender Justice Specialist for the Rule of Law Programme and Gender Focal Person for UNDP Liberia Country Office.

Madam McGill holds several professional certifications and has worked in both the private and public sectors in Liberia and abroad. She has a passion for social entrepreneurship and hopes to blend her work with sustainable fashion initiatives shortly.

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