“Stop Pitting Nyonblee Against Charlyne” -Massa Washington Pleads for unity

MONROVIA: In the wake of reports emanating from Cllr. Charlyne Brumskine herself that an official in the office of Senator Nyonblee Karnga-Lawrence is bent on assassinating her character and bring the two prominent daughters of Grand Bassa County at loggerhead, veteran Liberian journalist and former Commissioner of Truth and Reconciliation Commission (TRC), Massa Washington, is encouraging unity between the two prominent Bassa citizens for the betterment of their people and Liberia as a whole.

Taking to social media yesterday Sunday, Ms. Washington said she was concerned how people are attempting to deepen conflict between Cllr. Charlyne Brumskin and Senator Nyonblee Karnga-Lawrence by comparing the both of them to the extent where some are even elevating Ms. Brumskine above Nyonblee.

“This is totally and utterly ridiculous and unfortunate. I am not supporting the Unity Party/Prince Johnson ticket for the Presidency because of the latter’s extremely poor human rights history. Notwithstanding, I have no intention of severing long standing valuable relationships on account of Liberian toxic politics, not except, of course, if I am constrained to do so. I know both the families of Charlyne Brumskine and Nyonblee Karnga-Lawrence personally. Charlyne’s mother is close to me and I am close to Nyonblee’s family. Both families are permanent, highly respected historical families of Grand Bassa County. The late Cllr Charles Brumskine and his wife stood by me when I lost my father in 2014 and went home to bury him. They were regular visitors at my home and I at theirs. Charlyne was in the USA attending law school then.

“The Brumskine’s are a good and decent family. Cllr Charles W. Brumskine was an iconic, beloved son of Grand Bassa County and a household name. On the other hand, if you know anything about Grand Bassa County and the Bassa Belt, you would know that the name Abba Karnga is legendary, revered and a household one as well. The patriarch of the Karnga Family, Rev. Dr. Abba G. Karnga, is one of the last remaining of Liberia’s pride and eminent elders. He is a rare gem. Rev. Dr. Karnga served as one of the TRC historians and hosted dinner for TRC Commissioners and Senior Staff during our one week stay in Grand Bassa County, while holding TRC Hearings for that County. Rev. Dr. Kranga is a walking encyclopedia of Liberia’s history. He’s my Papay.

“Both Rev. Dr. Abba Karnga and Cllr Charles Brumskine were close and respected each other. The younger Charles Brumskine, referred to the older Rev. Dr. Karnga as “Uncle Abba”. The Karnga’s represent our traditional royalty. Charlyne is the daughter of Cllr. and Mrs. Brumskin and Nyonblee is the daughter of Rev. Dr. Abba Karnga. Both women in my estimation are phenomenal Liberian women possessing unique valuable qualities, education and personalities that make them stand out. Charlyne is not more educated, more personable, more beautiful or even got more money than Nyonblee as some of you are claiming attempting to down rate Nyonblee.

“Charlyne is a Lawyer, and Senior Partner at a law firm started by her father, the late Cllr. Charles Brumskine. She is also Associate Professor of Law at the Louis Arthur Grimes School of Law at the University of Liberia, among others. Charlyne is a fair skin beauty, academically brilliant, graduating top of her class, articulate and confident young lady, who attended all the best schools mostly in the United States of America. She is grounded and purposeful. As the only daughter of her parents, she epitomizes what great legacy the name Brumskine carries. She is her father’s daughter.

Or the other side of this Rubicon is Nyonblee Karnga-Lawrence, an equally articulate, well-educated and brilliant young lady. Like Charlyne Brumskine, Nyonblee also attended all decent schools, mostly local and has an MBA also graduating with high honors. Nyonblee’s physical appearance is what we will call a true “Nubian beauty”, dark chocolate tone, firmed skin, high cheekbones and that Mona Lisa smile that leaves the viewer wondering what she is thinking. But unlike Charlyne whose father built a law firm that she inherited, Nyonblee inherited no such physical assets. Instead, she created her own. Nyonblee is a two-term sitting Senator, representing Grand Bassa County, the place of her birth. And for a long time, was the only female Senator out of 30 senatorial seats at the House of Senate Republic of Liberia. Nyonblee built from scratch the “Nyonblee Care Foundation” that does charitable work in Liberia. Her Foundation provides critical assistance to needed Liberians in the areas of education, health care, community nutrition and youth mentoring. Her Foundation most recently in March of 2023, completed a medical mission project whereas more than 91 poor people received life changing surgeries they otherwise could not afford.

“Unlike Charlyne’s nucleus family of three siblings, Nyonblee comes from a family of 13 children with her being one of the youngest four. Despite her position down the pecking order of her family tree, she’s emerged as one of their leaders and a household name nationally. Nyonblee is calm and non-confrontational but steely. She has earned her place and deserves our respect whether we agree with her politics today or not. Charlyne is a lawyer and is good at what she does. Nyonblee has an MBA and is good at what she does. No one is more educated than the other because they have two distinct careers and experiences. Those of us Liberian Women who have been fighting for a better Liberia for a while now, welcome Cllr. Charlyne Brumskine at the table.

“We admire her energy and are excited at what possibilities await her and how Liberia can benefit from her contributions. Meanwhile, we should be hoping for and encouraging unity between both Charlyne and Nyonblee for the betterment of their people and Liberia as a whole,” Ms. Washington stated passionately.

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  1. Jacob Doe says


    As a matter of fact, it was Charlyne herself who has been and is the aggressor by by she Charlyne Brumskine siding with Alex Cummings and Musa Bility and FOOLISHLY AND VERY STUPIDLY believing she was dumping Nyonblee Karngar Lawrence.

    Charlyne Brumskine has conducted herself even worse than her politically very very stupid and extremely selfish father who hated the masses with passion. But still he wanted to be their president. CHARLYNE IS A SELLOUT AND A TRAITOR WHO HAS INSULTED NYONBLEE AND THE ENTIRE LIBERTY PARTY .



    Honorable Enoch M. Dogolea
    President of the Honorable Liberia Senate and
    Distinguished Senators
    The Honorable Liberian Senate
    Capitol Building
    Monrovia, LIBERIA


    Dear Honorable President of the Senate & Fellow Senators:

    I write to formally complain the unbecoming and distasteful behavior of Senator Charles Walker Brumskine of Grand Bassa County who walked into my – office on Friday, January 30, 1998 at 11:48 a.m. in the presence of my Administrative Assistant David Wiles, Senators Thomas Nimely and George Koukou and rained insults at me as well as his threats against me to remove me as Chairman of the Way, Means, Finance and Maritime Affairs Committee of the Honorable Liberian Senate because, according to him, I did not approve Travel Expenses for Senator Evelyn Diggs Townsend, Senator of Montserrado County, for her trip to the African Caribbean Pacific European Union Parliamentary Union (ACP-EU) scheduled to convene in Brussels, Belgium. My decision not to approve the Travel Expenses was due to the fact that there was no money in the interim budget to cover the Senator Townsend’s trip.

    Senator Brumskine insulted me by saying, “WHO IS A FAHN TO DENY A TOWNSEND FROM TRAVELING FROM LIBERIA? YOUR NATIVE PEOPLE KILLED HER HUSBAND IN 1980 AND YOU TOO; A NATIVE MAN IS DENYING HER THE CHANCE TO TRAVEL”. I felt deeply insulted, demeaned and hurt by his action and I responded to him. “GET YOUR STUPID SELF FROM MY OFFICE, YOU FOOL”. Senator Brumskine again replied to me, “I WILL MAKE SURE TO REMOVE YOU FROM THIS COMMITTEE AND GET AT YOU, YOU COUNTRY FOOL. WE GET OUR COUNTRY BACK NOW, DAMN COUNTRY FOOL”. My colleagues and staff present can singularly prove all that Senator Brumskine and I said. Both Senators Nimely and Koukou lashed at Senator Brumskine for such divisive remarks and threats.

    Honorable President of the Senate and Fellow Senators, I most respectfully request this body to look into my complaint as expeditiously as possible before my pending leave of absence for a short term course in the United States of America as you all are aware of.

    Respectfully yours,

    Signed: S. Bedell Fahn
    S. Bedell Fahn (HON)
    SENIOR SENATOR MARGIBI COUNTY (Transcribed from Brumskine_Fahn (1).pdf)

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