“Stop Attacking McGill Or Else….”  -Melvin Cole Warns Tanponweh

MONROVIA – Bong County Representative J. Melvin Cole, a staunch stalwart of the ruling Coalition for Democratic (CDC) has sounded strong warning to Representative Tibelrosa Tanponweh of District #1, Margibi County, who is also a member of the CDC, on his Tanponweh’s recent characterization levied against the former Chairman of the CDC and former Minister of State for Presidential Affairs, Nathaniel Farlo McGill in the wake of his intention to contest the senatorial seat in Margibi County in 2023.

Rep. Cole cautioned his colleague Tanponweh to desist from making statements to denigrate the persons of the former Minister of state which are intended to tarnish and smear McGill’s reputation, character and image thereby causing collateral damage to his political career.

Speaking to few media institutions in his office on Tuesday, October 25, 2022, Representative Cole of District #3, Bong County did not mince words to take a swipe at Mr. Tarponweh, for opposing the senatorial bid of McGill for Margibi County. He issued unspecified actions which he said will be meted out from the party if Tarponweh continues to embark on campaigns to undermine the political future of the former Chairman of CDC while Tarponweh claims to be a partisan at the same time.

The Bong County Lawmaker who was visibly angry when he spoke to the media expressed serious dismay over the “unwarranted attacks” against McGill whom he described as “one of our strongest partisans”, stressing that he was taken aback for some members of CDC to engage in running down fellow partisans unlike the opposition that will rather protect one of their own despite allegations of malpractices and dishonorable activities being allegedly perpetuated by these people and he singled out Senator Varney Sherman of Grand Cape Mount County, a member of the Unity Party,  who was designated and sanctioned some time ago by the US government after being indicted by the Magnitsky Act.

“Now if you are talking about people being under sanction who should not have the opportunities, then we go in the shell of the opposition. Senator Varney Sherman should not have presided over confirmation hearings. Why the opposition is not asking Senator Sherman to recuse himself but rather they are telling the government that the former Minister of State should not be in the circle of the President ” , Cole said.

Setting the basis of his defend for McGill and by extension a solidarity stand from the party, Cole said when all is said and done, what is clear is that the former Minister served the country and the CDC and should not be pulled down, describing him by anyone by any other means especially partisans who are enjoying from the fruit of the labor McGill and other leaders of the ruling party fought for over the years.

“I think the bible is clear that in times like these we should be our brothers’ keeper. It was wrong and I am sending out a very strong caveat to Hon. Tarponweh. You cannot be a person you are and you know I know what you are involved with so many things. This is a warning to you.

“If you continue on that path your deeds at the National Legislature will be unearthed and it will be catastrophic for you.  I know a man whose hands are not clean cannot be talking about clean hands. The law of equitability says if you come with equity you must come with clean hands. So Honorable Tarponweh is not the preacher of that message”, he said.

Cole, who lamented the existence of moles within the CDC fold who claim to be loyal to the party but are working assiduously to destroy the soul of the institution, said that it was time to deal with them  before it gets too late as they are working hard to  break down the party and its structure. “There are people who are wearing the hats and jackets of CDC but in their hearts and their minds and spirits are in the opposition and Tarponweh is one of them”, he said.

“People like us who are politically informed, we are cognizant of the fact and the tactic of the opposition will not allow them to use surrogates among ourselves to break this Coalition for Democratic Change”, he said.

He said President George Manneh Weah as leader of the country and the party has led with exception and has reaffirmed his commitment to support the President for his second term bid, vowing not to sit down and allow anybody to break down what they have built.

Cole who is also re-contesting in District #3, Bong County said a lot of people like Tarponweh have a misconception of the whole magnitsky Act and he was glad that the United States government through its embassy near Monrovia has made it clear that they will not get involved with the internal politics of the country and that those who were accused have the right to contest in any elections in the country.

“But the individuals who are going to Margibi and other parts of the country telling them that Falo McGill is a criminal and that he should not be given the opportunity to contest, I want to let them know that McGill was accused and until they are adjudged guilty, they are not criminals. Tarponweh who is a lawmaker who should be cognizant of the law is falling short of that”, he said.

Speaking further, Cole challenged the identity of Tarponweh in the County as he has got no trace there, stating “ Margibi is being dominated by the Kpelle and Bassa people and very soon we the Kpelle people are going to stand up and speak up on this as well as pledging support to McGill.

“If Tibelrosa Tarponweh crosses the line it will be a dangerous path for him”, Cole said.

All efforts to speak to Tarponweh or his staff to get the side of this story proved futile but it can be recalled that while speaking to some citizens of the county in Dolo Town last week Saturday at an intellectual center, he told the people of Margibi County not to vote for McGill because of the sanction placed on him.

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