“Stop Asking Government To Give You National Holiday” -Grand Mufti Tells Muslims On Ramadan Day

The Grand Mufti of Liberia, Sheik Abubakarr Sumaworo has admonished Muslims in the country not to continue to ask the Government of Liberia for a National Holiday for the Muslims in Liberia, but they  should wait for the appointed time from God for it to happen.

According to Sheik Abubakarr Sumaworo, the Muslims have from time to time and years after years continue to make the same request to the government but their appeals have not gotten any attention but they continue to ask and  nothing has come in  sight with respect to being given public holiday.

“I urged you all the Muslims to forget about asking the government for a holiday for the Muslims,  when the day God agrees for the Muslims to get holiday in this Country, it will happen but let no Muslim again ask the government of Liberia for a National Holiday”

The Muslim cleric on another issue, said the Government under President George Manneh Weah has always been very generous to the Muslim community by giving helping hands through rice and food donations for the Muslims to break their fast during the month of Ramadan; which he said the Muslims will be always grateful for his contributions.

He noted that this year’s holy month of Ramadan was very peaceful and good because every Muslims observed the fasting together without any interruption by waiting for one day to pass before fasting. He lauded every Muslim for the level of cordiality and unity exhibited among them to have started the fast together without any hitches among them.

Sheik Sumaworo averred that Muslims should not be used by politicians to gain their own political ambitions, saying “my dear Muslim brothers and sisters do not allow yourself to be used by politicians, and do not allow the Mosque to be used as a place for politics; but instead the Mosque must be used as a place to propagate the words of Allah”. From By Sallu K. Swaray.

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