Stakeholders Want Kailondo in JNB’s Govt. -Say “His Corporate Expertise Will Spur Governance”

MONROVIA: In line with President Joseph Nyuma Boakai’s desire for a rapid transformation of the country using the best brains and expertise in critical sectors of the country, major sectors in both the private and public sectors of the country have sent out a clarion call to the President to look in the direction of one of the best know boardroom gurus and business magnate, Cllr. George Kailondo, Sr. and consider him for  appointment in some of the most important government institutions, such as the Liberia Maritime Authority(LIMA)

Some of the stakeholders said they were “naturally worried that the target set by President  Boakai to transform this country from a low income country to a middle income country will not be realized due to the dearth of the right people to lead the process”, and added that in the midst of all, “Liberia is blessed to have one of the finest citizens, endowed with what it takes to take this country to the next level in person of Cllr. George Kailondo to still be around, available and ready to serve mama Liberia”

According to a press release issued yesterday and signed by its Asst. Publicity Secretary, Paul Garleh Garty Sr, a group, Consortium of Management Experts Inc, said from their own expert opinion, there is a direct link between productivity and good service delivery, be it in the private or public sector and it was expedient that those who have a blend of a minimum success story have a high possibility of succeeding at any higher level of management.

“So who are those that have the meaning of success stories that can lead this country to prosperity? At least for now and that is for setting up a benchmark but we need to be candid and fair to ourselves that we have an asset that we are not utilizing and we expect the economy to grow or things to improve?

“We want to be emphatic here to say that we are making representations to the President, His Excellency Joseph Nyuma Boakai to look inward by picking Cllr. George Kailondo, an astute businessman and a nationalist who has invested so much in the country to occupy some of the most critical sectors that have to do with job creation and impacting the national economy”, the group said.

The group looked at Kailondo’s long history of being an entrepreneur and a provider of jobs to Liberians, numbering over 100 Liberians from various backgrounds who are contributing to the society and their respective families and relatives.

“We are sure of his business acumen and ability to create jobs for our citizens as well as empowering a number of them including direct family support, medical assistance, scholarship, etc”, the group said.

Considering his level of work he has done both the private and public sector, another group and what is being missing in the new set up in governance, they were compelled to support the idea of Kailondo being called in to provide service that will help to rid the country of some of the setbacks working against a sustainable economy.

“This is not those regular proxies to promote an idea that has bearing on the country and its people. This is time tested and we want to stand up to this cause to bring radical changes in our governance system.

“He has worked in the oil and gas sector with his employment at the Liberia Petroleum Refining Company (LPRC) where he worked for several years and immensely contributed to the growth and development of that institution as well as the oil and gas sector of the country. It will not be an eye service to present him to President Boakai to be on board.

“We are looking at LPRC where he made such remarkable contributions or the maritime sector that is growing and needs innovative persons at the top of the management”, the group said.

Another group which referred to itself as the UP Strategic Members Initiative said they are approaching the idea of “crowning Cllr. George kailondo” for what he has done, has been doing for the Unity Party(UP) and continues to do for our great party. We must acknowledge his contribution and think how we can incorporate him in the system”, he said.

The group praised Kailondo for his immense contributions to the party’s growth and development, citing instances where he paid huge amounts of money to the party to executive some of their major operations.

“His support to the party and its people did not start in 2023. It started during the 2017 general elections which we lost. He was in the trenches with us against his own business interest. He nearly lost his business after being threatened with demolition of his property and could not develop the property for five years. He supported President Boakai hugely during the 2023 general election which the President won.

“He is also a seasoned lawyer of good repute that we will leverage on to help ourselves and to the country with extensive contacts and well being”, the group said.

Meanwhile, Cllr. Kailondo has praised the leadership quality of President Boakai, asserting that he is a man of wisdom, foresight and above all a patriotic leader “whose desires to develop this country and leave behind an enviable legacy is second to none”

‘There is nothing extra the President, His Excellency has to prove to the Liberian people as he has the cognate experience with an incorruptible past and he is set to leverage on these things to upgrade governance for the good of the country and its people.

“He is a man of wisdom and understanding and above all he has the country at heart and that is why some of us supported him over the years and today we have him at the helm of affairs of the country”, Cllr. Kailondo told The Analyst last night when he was asked to make a frank assessment of the President’s style of leadership thus far.

He also called on the citizens to be very patient with the President as he settles down to repair a “broken country” he inherited and with the much needed cooperation, the best will come out from his leadership.

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