Southeastern Group Drums Weah’s Re-Election Bid

By: Stephen G. Fellajuah

A group of citizens from Southeastern Liberia  under the banner, White Ballot Movement (SWBM) has publicly declared that it will rally support for the re- election of the incumbent President Mr. George Manneh Weah in the upcoming 2023 general and presidential elections to ensure his victory during the electoral event

Speaking to the media after a major awareness meeting with students from various high institutions in the country held at the Auditorium of the College of West Africa, the National Chairman, Mr. H. Ninneh Gayeplu said he is very optimistic that with the current recruitment ongoing in the various Southeastern counties, his group is anticipating of giving President Weah more votes in the Southeastern counties.

He said the group has taken immense pride in the developmental gains made by President Weah in the first five years and his plans to develop Liberia with special emphasis on the current numerous road projects, economic revitalization, promotion of education, and infrastructural developments across the country. Gayeplu added that the group is convinced to propagate and champion the re-election bid of President Weah through amalgamation and solicitation of all southwesterners, inhabitants, and dwellers to be involved in the  re-election process.

“We encourage other well many  Liberians both home and abroad from the southeastern region of the country, to come on board and amalgamate forces to give President George Manneh Weah at least 95% of votes cast in the Southeastern Region come 2023”, he said

Satisfied with some prominent names from the region, he emphasized that SWBM is highly delighted and proud to have members including, Senator Albert Tugbeh Chie, President Pro Tempore of theLiberian Senate, in collaboration with the Deputy Speaker, Cllr. Fonati Koffa who both, according to Mr. Gayeplu have subscribed to the ideology of the movement.

“These leaders of Southeast, Pro tem Chie and Rep. Koffa from the Southeastern and Liberia at large have welcomed the ideology of uniting Southeasterners in unbreakable solidarity to seek the re-election of President George Manneh Weah”, he said.

Gayeplu clarified that the movement is not party-driven, saying, that they hold in highest esteem of all political parties including CDC, UP, LP, ANC, ALP, and other political parties and pressure groups in the country but “We are only for President Weah.” He explained further “We know very well that there are many sons and daughters who  hail from the Southeastern region of the country, some of whom, will like to contest in the pending general and presidential elections in 2023”, but indicated that SWBM is to make Mr. Weah President for another six years.

Touching the status of the group, he noted that SWBM came into existence through the farsightedness and consciousness of patriotic and prominent sons and daughters hailing from the five (5) southeastern counties of Sinoe, Maryland, Grand Gedeh, Grand Kru, and River Gee.

Also making remarks at the program, Lavoisier Julu, Chief of Office Staff in the office of Senator Albert Tugbeh Chie, added that  SWBM was organized with the intent to give President George at least 95% of the votes cast in the southeast region of the country come 2023

“With this objective in mind, the SWBM intends to engage in political activities to ensure President Weah’s re-election because it is obvious that other presidential candidates will contest against him come 2023”, stressing that “As we move towards 2023 general and presidential elections in the country, we need to be resilient to meet our goals at least 95% votes cast in the Southeastern part of the country because of too many temptations along the way” said Lavoisier Julu,

Giving further details about the group, he noted that SWBM was established in September 2021 from a few grassrooters who are based in the southeast and saw the imperative need to re-reelect President George Weah with more votes in the southeastern region of the country. Julu revealed that upon sharing this idea with fellow citizens of the region, the idea went very wide in Sinoe, River Gee, Grand Kru Maryland and Grand Gedeh counties. According to him, the idea of SWBM is well grounded and widely spread like wildfire in the southeastern region of the country.

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