Sinoe Lawmaker Wants Drug Saga Investigated

By: Rancy S. Teewia


The Representative of Electoral District #2, Sinoe County, Samson Q. Wiah has expressed serious concern over the arrest and detention of about 6 persons from Dugbe River for allegedly entering into the home of an alleged drug dealer and is calling on the authority of the Sinoe Joint Security to launch a speedy investigation into the incident.

It can be recalled that on Monday, July 5, 2021, the Liberia National Police Sinoe detachment arrested and subsequently detained about Six Community leaders that nabbed an alleged drug dealer in Joe Village for selling Drugs to young people. According to information gathered from the community, the people decided to carry on Self-arrest due to the failure of the alleged drug dealer identified as Million to adhere to the Community’s proclamation against the selling of drugs which they identified as the cause of damaging the young people.

“As part of an effort to buttress the Government’s effort against Drug Abuse and illicit trafficking, especially where we experienced the death of about three of our young people due to Drug abuse, we proclaimed that anyone caught selling drugs anywhere in and around our community will be seriously dealt with. We had a meeting with Million and everyone we know involved in that ugly business and set zero tolerance on drugs by warning them. To our surprise, a few days ago, we saw some young people abusing drugs which got the traditional people angry and went for the seller. We broke into Million’s business and took away a huge quantity of drugs. While preparing to take them to Greenville and report the case, the police came and arrested about 6 of our leaders and they are now in police custody in Greenville,” The Community informed Rep. Wiah.

Speaking on Wednesday July 7, 2021 in Monrovia, Rep. Wiah asserted that Drug Abuse and Illicit Trafficking are hurting the lives of Liberians, and the primary responsibility of the government is to protect citizens from threats, which include drug abuse and illicit trafficking. He also called on the Liberia National Police to speedily investigate the incident.

Meanwhile, the lawmaker is also requesting authority of the joint security Forces especially  the Liberia National Police and the Liberia Drugs Enforcement Agency (LDEA) to consider assigning officers in that part of the District to protect the people against these negative impacts and avoid the continued self-security of the people which may lead to future embarrassment.

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