Simeon Taylor Unveiled! -Cape Mountainians Overjoyed By Historic Caucus Tour

The long-awaited ascendency to the senate seat of Mr. Simeon Boima Taylor seems to be spinning history for the first time, when the Grand Cape Mount County Legislative Caucus under the Chairmanship of Senator Varney Gboto Nambi Sherman, forged a united front whereby all five lawmakers over the weekend traveled to the three electoral districts of the county to present their newly inducted senator to the citizens.

Amidst thunderous fanfare and jubilation that shook the foundations of towns and villages in Grand Cape Mount County (GCMC), the procession of legislators was welcomed in the utmost unique traditional trappings, interspersed with cultural performances, libations to the ancestors, and heart-thumping speeches heralding reconciliation and unity for a once-peaceful set of people whose religious and ethnic tolerance had been shattered by the outcome of the December 8, 2020 special senatorial elections that pitted incumbent Victor Watson of the Coalition for Democratic Change (CDC) against Simeon Taylor of the Collaborating Political Parties (CPP).

Making their first stopover in Gbah, the Cape Mount Legislative Caucus trooped to the Town Hall of the community where Chairman Varney Sherman informed the citizenry about the purpose of their historic visit.

“We’ve come to present to you a leader. You all know we had an election which ended in confusion, but God chose Simeon, which is the reason why our people voted for him. We vowed that when Simeon took his seat, he would ascend with authority; and that is why we’ve fought for him to become Chairman of the Lands, Mines and Energy Committee,” Senator Sherman informed the citizens and residents of Gbah. The senator also noted, “So when he said he was taking a thank-you tour of Grand Cape Mount County, we vowed to join him to introduce him to you, the people.”

Continuing, Senator Sherman espoused reconciliation amongst the people of Cape Mount, against the backdrop of the deep-seated violence that marred the 2020 midterm senatorial elections.

“Every confusion ends in heartbreak. So I am begging the losers for us to come together and work together. We ask Simeon to work along with everyone. We are not populated in Grand Cape Mount County, so we need to be united.

The elections are over. Let’s get United, because if you say you will not support Simeon, Cape Mount will not benefit,” Senator Sherman told his people.

For his part, Senator Simeon Taylor thanked the citizens for the massive turnout, while commending the Grand Cape Mount County Legislative Caucus, especially Senior Senator Varney Sherman, for bringing him back to meet with his people.

The newly inducted senator was conciliatory in meeting the people. “But let me tell you this: I am no longer a Senator for my supporters; I am senator for all in Grand Cape Mount County. So I am calling for reconciliation.

Senator Taylor further ignited the spirit of forgiveness when the pleaded for mutual pardon. To those who may have wronged us, and those who we may have wronged, I am asking that we forgive one another and live in peace. Our people are a religious set of people, and very peaceful. Our children never used to burn people’s cars, abuse old people and insult women. We must bring back that spirit of unity and respect that made Grand Cape Mount County one of the best counties in Liberia,” Senator Taylor enjoined the citizenry.

Responding effusively during one of the Legislative Caucus’ many stopovers in Cape Mount, Dean Elder Paasewe of Mambo Town welcomed Senator Sherman and his entourage. “We are happy that our leaders have reached us today. This is the first day for our leaders to meet us at once,” Dean Elder Paasewe noted with pleasure amidst thunderous applause.

From Gbah-Foboi, Medina, Sanjanama, Vonzula, Sinje, Bo Waterside, Tienii, Mambo, Jenneh Wondeh, Dambala, Gwessi, and other towns encompassing electoral districts #1 and #3, the message resonated well with the citizens.

Members of the Grand Cape Mount County Legislative Caucus who undertook the historic county tour to unveil Senator Simeon Boima Taylor to his people include Grand Cape Mount County Senior Senator Varney Gboto Nambi Sherman of the Unity Party; Representative Emerson Kamara, Grand Cape Mount County District #3, from the Coalition for Democratic Change (CDC); Bob H. Sheriff, Grand Cape Mount County District #1 Representative from the Collaborating Political Parties (CPP); and Mambu Sonii, Grand Cape Mount County District #2 Representative of the CPP (Liberty Party).

Historic Blending of Political Foes

The unveiling of Senator Simeon Boima Taylor did not only showcase a peculiar scenario wherein, not only leaders of the GCMC Legislative Caucus whose past and current members that were reportedly not so cozy with another, have now pitched tent with one accord across the county; the county tour also presented the opportunity for political cadres from their respective institutions to break bread together and harmonize as one family without the usual rancor and tension associated with political campaigns and elections.

The tour which is expected to last for three days continued Sunday as the Caucus stretched its long convoy across Tewor, Gola Konneh, Porpka and Garwula districts in a bid to touch base with the people.

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