Side Chick Beater Arrested, Forwarded to Monrovia -Police Say the Law Will Take its Couse

MONROVIA : Police have arrested a lady identified as Vivian Dent in Nimba and brought her down to Monrovia for preliminary investigation into her mistreatment of another girl only identified as Naomi. Police spokesman Moses Carter said Vivian abused Naomi unlawfully and was arrested for the mistreatment.

The arrest of Vivian followed a video footage which went viral on the social media, showing Vivian brutalizing Naomi when she met the latter allegedly in the bedroom of her children’s father. The graphic scene shown in the video has caused a moral uproar in Liberia, with many citizens taking side with the afflicted victim, Naomi.

In the video footage, an enraged Vivian said Naomi had been praising and posting her fiancé as daddy. “You have been posting my husband as daddy, you have now met his mommy.”  She then proceeded to flog Naomi mercilessly, a situation that led to her arrest in Nimba County.

Police spokesman Carter said Vivian Dent was brought to Monrovia Tuesday morning, investigated and charged on the basis of probable cause and forwarded to court as a way of deterring the recurrence of such ugly situation.

According to Mr. Carter in a press briefing held yesterday in Monrovia, Liberians remain decent people, noting, anything that fuels the destruction of the country’s image of the country will be arrested by the LNP.

The LNP spokesman explained that all those wondering what will happen about the video that went viral on social media should know that justice will be served.

“You can rest assured that Suspect Dent and any other person that is connected to the humiliation, harassment of that Liberian female will be made to face the full weight of the law,” the Police Spokesman said.

“This administration of Inspector Patrick Sudue takes seriously any act that is meant to demean or undermine the rule of law,” he said, pointing out that anyone caught in such act, especially so that such abuse is placed on social media, the police will not hesitate to take remedial action in line with the rule of law.

He promised that the situation that led to the arrest of Ms Dent will reach its logical conclusion and that the law will take its course.

“I will love to use this time as evidence, especially for those of you following us on social media that Madam Vivian Dent, who was brought in from Nimba County will be forwarded back to Nimba along with all others in connection,” the LNP spokesman said.

On the basis of procedures, he said Suspect Dent is to be charged and sent to court, adding that there will be zero tolerance on anyone that will be humiliating another peaceful citizen.

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