Show of Exemplary Leadership Bility’s Reaction To Son’s drug ordeal Attracts Kudos

MONROVIA: Perhaps in an unprecedented spirit of forthrightness in instances of acts committed by one’s closed family person, relatives or friends, Representative Musa Hassan Bility of District #7, Nimba County has been commended for acting pragmatic and responsible when his son, Peach Bility, was apprehended on charges related to illegal narcotics and firearms.

Some African or Liberian politicians or bigwigs would indulge in manipulative schemes to shield their children, family members, relatives or friends from apprehension by the law; they would seek to evade justice at the detriment of either the victim or the judicial system. Rep Bility did not.

Though a former powerful businessman and now a renowned member of the National Legislature, Bility put up a bold face despite the cherished love he has for his son and not in any way prepared to either abandon or disown him, but spoke against the scourge and effect of illicit drugs and illegal possession of weapons in the society.

In a press statement swiftly released on behalf of himself and his wife, which was published on his official Facebook page in the aftermath of the apprehension by officers of the Liberia Drug Enforcement Agency (LDEA), Bility lamented the situation and at the same time made it clear their “unwavering and unconditional love” for their son in the midst of the situation the boy found himself for the act which he allegedly committed.

“Today, the Liberian Drug Enforcement Agency (LDEA) delivered the distressing news that our son, Peach Bility, has been apprehended on charges related to illegal narcotics and firearms,” he wrote on his social media page.

“Our family, like countless others in Liberia, has not been spared from the devastating consequences of having loved ones entangled in the web of illegal drugs. We are all too familiar with the perils and difficulties that arise from the presence of illicit substances and weapons in our society. As parents, the anguish we have endured in our quest for solutions is beyond words.”

The continued: “We hold an unwavering and unconditional love for our son, and his arrest today only deepens the pain we have carried for far too long. Nevertheless, he is an adult who must face the consequences of his actions and choices. This issue continues to afflict our nation, and we must make every effort to safeguard the future of our youth. We place our trust in the justice system to conduct a thorough investigation and hold all those involved accountable. Our prayers go out to the victims, families, and loved ones who have been affected by this toxic plague infiltrating our communities.”

Within moment after Representative Bility’s social media post was made, a huge number of comments from people of diverse backgrounds, both at home and in the diaspora, began flowing, culminating in an amazing over 750 comments from readers, majority of whom praised him for being so resolute and strong enough not to defend or shield his son against justice after he was arrested for alleged illicit drugs and firearm related offense.

Curiously enough, some of the comments came from some of his fiercest critics on political issues just as others who are followers of his thoughts on national issues and friends also made their presence in the comment section.

One of the comments authored by a top media talks show host said: “Chairman Musa Hassan Bility, Let me first thank you for your extraordinary leadership and commitment towards the eradication of drugs addiction in our country. I extend my heartfelt support and best wishes to you and your family during this difficult time for your family. My family and I are praying for and with your family. You are in my thoughts and prayers”.

Another interesting comment dwelled on Bility’s courage in the challenging time he was faced with and the fact that he could use the adversity to highlight issue of national crisis which is the scourge of the drug endemic.

The commenter stated: “Your remarkable courage in the face of adversity is truly inspiring, and my family and I want to express our deepest sympathy to you and your loved ones during this incredibly challenging time. The anguish of seeing a cherished family member endure such distressing circumstances is beyond words.

“Your decision to openly address your family’s plight and shed light on the escalating issue of drug abuse is both brave and commendable. By sharing your story with the public, you’re not only raising awareness but also sparking important conversations about how we can collectively work towards ending this destructive cycle of addiction. As we stand in solidarity with you, let us continue to advocate for change and support initiatives aimed at prevention, intervention, and rehabilitation. Together, we can make a difference and help prevent others from experiencing similar hardships.”

Two other comments followed in similar suite.

One stated: “My heart is heavy Hon. Musa Hassan Bility, it takes lots of courage to do that you have done, we are grateful that you choose to believe in the laws of our country. We stand with you in our prayers and thoughts!!”

Another one said: “Thanks for Leadership in putting National challenge above self-interest. We pray that this is an opportunity to put matters on the right path that your son shall realize his full potential and make positive contribution to Country leveraging on the his father’s leadership. Musa let your example be followed by others faced with similar situations”.

A top politician who on some occasions differed with Bility on a number of national issues put aside their differences to commend the Nimba county representative.

“MHB, you took the most courageous first step to healing – to admit that the big national problem is right in your home. The great Father Almighty, the Compassionate will be with you and the entire family, especially Peach. He will be healed”.

Yet another interesting and encouraging one came from a prominent citizen to commend Bility for exhibiting exemplary leadership.

“Chairman Honorable Musa Hassan Bility, I want to take the next few minutes to acknowledge your exceptional and exemplifying leadership and for showing that you are a decent man and a patriot. I’ve been here and I’m aware that with some people in privilege position like you, they’ll start maneuvering and doing everything to prove a point. However, in your case, you chose to demonstrate exceptional leadership, courage, patriotism and love for country. Thank you Chairman Bility for the exemplary leadership and extraordinary fatherhood you have shown in this difficult time for your family! You’ve earned my respect on this one, Chairman! My prayers are with you and your family!”,

As the comments continue to increase since the thought provoking post was made, one thing that can be drawn from Bility’s decision is the nation can still boast of a number of exemplary leaders and patriots who are available to provide direction to the country and to do things different from the culture of ‘business as usual”

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