Senator McGill Declares Assets -Says “I Declare Because It Is A Law”

MONROVIA: In fulfilment of his electoral promise which he reiterated after he was elected, Senator Nathaniel Farlo McGill on yesterday, Thursday, February 29, 2024 declared his assets with the officer in charge of the Liberia Anti-Corruption Commission (LACC) at the National Legislature before the full glare of the public including the media, saying “I declared because it is law”

Senator McGill, dressed in a blue “senator suit”, upon arrival at the venue of the brief ceremony, removed the documents from the folder, counter-checked all the papers before initializing them and passing the same to the lady in charge of asset declaration for lawmakers at the Capitol Building.

The lady, who represented LACC at the ceremony having painstakingly gone through the papers and found them satisfactory, did not ask McGill any question but issued a note of receipt of the papers to the Margibi County and the event ended.

McGill who spoke to the media later around the vicinity said besides the declaration of his assets which was one of the promises he made to the people of Margibi County, the process was constitutionally required for any public officials to do so before taking office, adding “it is the law”.

Speaking further on why he took the declaration seriously, Senator McGill said as an official of the government who was under sanction it was prudent on his part to declare his assets so the authorities can be aware of what he has.

Asked whether he had ever declared his assets before when he served as Minister of State for Presidential Affairs, McGill responded in the affirmative and said “as a law abiding citizen, he has always respected the law.

In responding to a question why he was now declaring and not during the onset of his position, McGill said it was not late as there were some processes involved including to make sure that his accountant handles the document properly to avoid the documents not being understood.

The Margibi Senator also told the media that he was strictly conforming what the law says to declare and not to publish but if it was required to publish the assets, he would have done so.

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