Senate Violates PFM Law, Confirms Comptroller -Without Professional Qualifications

MONROVIA: Some of the outcome of the pitfalls of the ongoing confirmation hearing of individuals nominated by President Joseph Nyuma Boakai to fill in various positions in Government are becoming to emerge as the Liberian Senate confirmed Mr. Elwood Neetey as the next Comptroller and Accountant General without knowing that Neetey does not have any professional qualifications, an integral requirement to be appointed to such an exalted position according to Section 12.10 of the Public Financial Management Act as amended.

The discovery of this costly error on the part of the senate could be one of the many others yet to be detected from the process that has been largely describe as “compromised” where the senators have been “deliberately refusing to ask the hard questions to bring out the best out of the nominees or to give the citizens reasons why some of the nominees should be rejected”

According to research conducted by The Analyst, the PFM Act is very clear on the appointment of the Comptroller/Accountant General and other chief accountants or comptrollers at government institutions.

“There shall be minimum qualification standards established in the regulations for the position of Comptroller and Accountant General and for Comptrollers of line ministries and agencies”, the PFM said in section.

Part II, Section 7.2 of the Public Financial Management Regulations states, “Notwithstanding sub – regulation (1), the Comptroller and Accountant General shall be a professional member of a recognized professional accountancy body with no less a bachelor’s degree in Accounting or Business Administration or Finance and shall have a minimum of 10 years relevant work experience in accounting, five of which must be in senior management position within a reputable organization”

Search by The Analyst revealed that Neetey is among the other staffers of the Joseph Nyuma Boakai who were recently nominated by the President in various positions. Neety served the NGO as Chief Financial Officer and has also worked with Mr. Boakai when he served as Vice President. Other information about Neety did not mention about his professional association with any entity as a professional body like LICPA, meaning that he has no Certified Public Accountants (CPA) qualification which is spelt out as an integral requirement to be appointed as Comptroller General/Accountant General.

Others appointed from the President’s NGO included Sylvester Grisby, Chief Executive Officer(CEO), as Minister of State for Presidential Affairs and Madam Morie Yuade Nemah who was the Deputy Executive Director and now a nominated assistant minister at the Ministry of Gender, Children and Social Protection.

The Analyst has not independently confirmed but there are reports that several stakeholders had written the Senate Committee to ask the body to deny Neety the nomination because his qualifications fell short of what is required by the PFM law to be considered for the position as Comptroller/Accountant General.

Meanwhile the Vice President, Jeremiah Kpan Koung upon receipt of the outcome of the confirmation exercise, has mandated the Secretary of the Senate to officially communicate with the office of the President on the results of the confirmation with the view of the President officially appointing the confirmed individuals and subsequently to be commissioned.

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