Senate May Reject Samuel Bennett -For Academic Fraud

MONROVIA – There are indications emerging from the Liberian Senate that Mr. Samuel Bennett,Jr. President George Manneh Weah’s nominee for the position of Deputy Commissioner for Administrative Affairs (DGAA) at the Liberia Revenue Authority (LRA) may not be confirmed to the position due to conflicting information with his credentials which according to our sources at the upper chambers of the national legislature amounts to academic fraud.

According to our sources, Mr. Bennett who had gone to the Senate for confirmation to the position after he was nominated by President Weah on December 1, 2022, had a hectic time with the senate to comment on the alleged claim of a PhD degree he had used on several documents in the past when he did not legitimately obtain it from any academic institution.

Senator Abraham Darius Dillon who was specific on verifying his academic claims was insistent to get the answer he wanted after Bennett had on two occasions evaded the question.

“I think it will be safer to use the document that can be verified and you could be content with authenticating it and being sure of it. I brought before you a resume for the LRA job. So that is why I am here”, Bennett responded to Senator Dillon, while avoiding to come straight forward with the clear answer the Senator wanted.

Bennett insisted that the Senate should find it more appropriate to ask him questions concerning his academic background based on the curriculum vitae he had tendered to the body which indicated that he has a Bachelor’s and a Master’s degree and that the job required for a master’s degree with  appreciable history of work experience which he has. He did not include the PhD qualification.

“Mr. Witness, remember you are being nominated to an integrity institution and as such it is important to ask you any relevant question such as your past. So, my question is simple. Have you signed any document as Dr. Bennett before?” Senator Dillon insisted.

At that point, Bennett only answered with a simple “yes”, which was enough for the tough talking senator to come to the conclusion that the nominee had laid claims to a PhD that he did not obtain from any institution but has used it in the past for an undue advantage.

“Mr. Chairman, I am okay, we will meet in the committee room”, Dillon concluded his questions the moment Bennett gave him an affirmative answer.

It can be recalled that a civil society group working to weed out academic fraud in the society, the Campaign for Academic Crime Court alerted the public and shared its finding with the senate and called on the lawmakers not to confirm him for deceiving the public for 12 years using the fake PhD.

“After CACC EXPOSED academic fraudster Samuel Bennett’s fake PhD, he flip-flops at Senate Confirmation Hearing. We are grateful to Senator Abe Darius Dillon for asking the hard questions. This is real oversight and representation.

“Bennett must NOT be confirmed as LRA Deputy Commissioner because he’s bereft of every ounce of integrity. The public is watching. Imagine him calling us “…an individual…”Another fraudster has been caught pants down.

“This con man benefited for 12 years under EJS from a fake doctorate degree. SAD. CACC will weed them (fraudsters) out one by one. Liberians deserve better. We will fix Liberia by force!” Martin Kollie, the Convener said jubilantly in an article posted on his Facebook page.

The CACC has over a time period succeeded in exposing some high profile Liberians especially in the public service and the academia who have paraded with degrees and other academic certifications they genuinely did not earn or even had no history of being students of institutions they claimed had awarded them their fake degrees.

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