Sen. Zargo Warns Against Stopping UP Candidate -Wants Senate to Intervene

With the cloudy atmosphere surrounding the fate of the former Unity Party in the scheduled Senatorial bye election in Lofa County, Senator Steve Zargo of Lofa and Chairman on the Senate Statutory Committee on Security, Defense and Intelligence, has warned his colleagues of a looming political and security threat if the Unity Party will be denied to put forth her candidate in the May 10, 2022 election in Lofa County and has called on the President Pro Tempore of the Senate Albert Chie and the leadership of the Senate to intervene to resolve the situation.

In a message addressed to Senator Chie and members of the leadership, Senator Zargo extended easter greetings to his colleagues and related the story of Jesus Christ’s ordeal in the hands of his captors who accused , arrested and crucified Him which he said meant dashed hope, aspirations and dreams to the people of Lofa who have a gloomy future with having their own senator elected having being denied senatorial representation for about 20 months according to him.

“Today, in the case of the people of Lofa, the Easter Season seems to be gloomy with no sudden twist in sight, dashed hopes, aspirations and dreams.  A dream of electing their senator freely, after being denied senatorial representation for close to about 20 months ! I am not a member of the Unity Party but, listening to their UP Chair, his statement epitomized the exact feelings in and amongst the people of LOFA”, Zargo said.

He said that as a Lone Senator, a member of the Senate Leadership, he was using  the platform, the Senate official organ, to appeal to the Protemp and Leadership of the  August body to please  ensure justice is served. He noted that the senate agreed that the leadership will remain in place to attend to pressing needs and the situation in Lofa is one of the pressing needs that require immediate attention.

“As political actors, we are  or should be in the position to follow what is happening with LOFA representation and NEC. As a member of this body and having oversight on Security, Defense and Intelligence, minus sentiments ( which is difficult) I see a looming Political and security threat if the UP will be denied to put forth her candidate in the May 10, Senatorial election in LOFA. Needless to tell you how the people of Lofa still feel about the fact that Mr. Brownie J. Samukai could not  be seated. Needless  to tell you the history of Lofa , UP and Dr. Edward Beyan Kesselly”, the message concluded.

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