Sen. Yallah Launches L$5m Loan Scheme -To Empower Local Traders, Market Women in Bong

By Patrick Stephen Tokpah

BONG: Bong County Senator Henry Willie Yallah has launched a five million Liberian dollars Village Saving Loan Scheme in Gbarnga, Bong County. Yallah says the Loan Program will help local business people in the County, many of whom have in the past been denied by banks and Credit Unions in beefing their financial strength to do their businesses.

The Bong County Senator made the disclosure on February 15, 2020 in Gbarnga when he dedicated his ‘Team Yallah’ local office in the County ahead of October 2020 midterm senatorial elections in the Country.

The Bong County Senator has promised to provide one hundred million Liberian dollars for the local business people from now to December, which will target about five hundred groups in Bong County.

He told beneficiaries of the loan over the weekend that he has decided to venture into loan programs in order to develop the financial capacities of individuals to build their lives and to also help build Liberia’s underdeveloped economy.

The Bong County Senator said the Loan Program has been earmarked as part of his interest to continuously support the people of Bong County irrespective of political interest of winning the 2020 mid-term senatorial election or not.

Senator Yallah said he has over the past years seen poor women being denied by credit Unions and other Institutions in the county, adding that it is time that he pays back to his People as leader of the County, but fall short of naming any banking institution or Credit Union that has denial business women from accessing loan in the county.

Notwithstanding, he stated that the loan will be interest free until the beneficiaries become financially strong.

At can be recalled that Senator Yallah had launched a loan of five million dollars in Gbarnga in 2019, launched one million Liberian dollars loans in Salala District#6 in the same year and on February 15, 2020 launched another five million Dollars loans for market women in the County.

All of these loan schemes bring to the total amount of money invested in loans schemes to eleven million Liberian dollars in the County.

Responding to the gesture by their senator, some of the beneficiaries extended commendation to Senator Yallah and promised to improve their local businesses through his goodwill.

According to them, for too long they have been forgotten by other leaders in the county, but with the help of Senator Yallah, they can now boast of something that will help them in boosting their businesses in the county.

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