Sen. Wesseh Welcomes CPP Suspension of Protest

River Gee Senator Conmany Wesseh has welcomed the decision of the Collaborating Political Parties (CPP) to suspend the planned October 28, 2020 sustained protest by the opposition bloc.

Senator Wesseh made the commendation through a release he tagged RANDOM THOUGHTS on the necessary decision taken by the arrowhead opposition to call off the protest while their grievances are being addressed by the relevant authorities.

“I’m happy that wisdom is driving CPP leaders to accept the counsel of many about calling off the protest. The threat has achieved its minimum intended purpose. The Supreme Court is acting on our demands; ECOWAS has sent the experts to help clean up the voters roll. These plus our own planning challenges conspire for immediate cancellation”, Senator Wesseh was quoted as saying in the release.

Senator Wesseh who has been one of the vocal and critical voices in the Upper Chamber of the National Legislature against the ruling establishment, said Liberia cannot be isolated from the many challenges of the other ECOWAS and MRU countries where they are also very busy with their own electoral related issues and cited the ongoing situations in neighboring Guinea and Cote’ d’Ivoire precipitated by the controversial elections coming on the heels of stage-managed referendums extending the tenures of the incumbent leaders seeking third term in offices.

On the ensuing midterm special senatorial election, Honorable Wesseh called on the leadership of the CPP and its followers to genuinely support all candidates being fielded by the institution through massive campaigning, fundraising and mobilizing registered voters, noting the primacy of the views of the candidates. He stressed the need for the recruitment, training and deployment of trusted, tested and loyal poll watchers, and the prioritization of poll watching because it is the best medicine against cheating. He warned his colleagues that their opponents are not hiding their intentions to rig and use violence as the only way to win the elections.

While stating that the CPP is the surest way to redeeming the country from the CDC led government, he called on the leadership and partisans of the CPP to begin plans for building from collaboration to an early merger as a single arrowhead party and wants his Unity Party to maintain itself as the biggest party in the pack.

Senator further threw a challenge to his former ruling UP to adhere to genuine internal party democratic governance where the constitution and laws of Liberia and the constitution of the UP must be the guide in every decision making that borders on appointments, financial matters/accountability, among others. He also called on the party to launch an impartial investigation with appropriate disciplinary measures into the post youth electoral violence and promptly report to the National Coordinating Committee (NCC).

“Disagreement and social conflicts are necessary for growth if we commit ourselves to peaceful resolution. UP should resist anything that suggests blind conformity. Good ideas become dictatorship when they reject critique and alternative views. The NCC must effectively be used in the Democratic governing/running of the Party”, the top UP stakeholder concluded.

It can be recalled that the CPP had on October 8, 2020 issued a public statement , that given the failure of the Supreme Court to hear its Writ of Mandamus, a sustained nationwide protest would begin on Wednesday, October 28, 2020 to demand the cleaning of the Voter Roll and cancellation of the just ended Voter Roll Update, which according to the CPP was marred by fraud.

The development generated a lot of concern both within and outside of the country and  major stakeholders like the government through the Supreme Court decided to judicially weigh into the matter to place a temporary halt to the whole electoral exercise until the matter is resolved while the ECOWAS on its part sent in technical experts to assist the National Elections Commission (NEC) clean the voters roll.

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