Sen. Wesseh Speaks On Global Issues -As They Relate to Liberia’s External Relations

MONROVIA – Senator Conmany Wesseh of River Gee County and Co-Chairman of the Senate Standing Committee on Foreign Affairs has been speaking to a number of global issues as they relate to Liberia’s external relations to other countries, beginning with the military tension between the People’s Republic of China and Taiwan and warned seriously that the stand-off would have serious consequences on the two nations that may extend beyond the region to other countries of the world.

Senator Wesseh however expressed interest in the one China Policy which he said is very cardinal to the social and economic growth of Liberia and believe that this tie will continue to generate meaningfully and will not destroy Liberia’s friendship with other nations.

He said the beauty of friendship with China will not be affected on the basis that the assistance Liberia gets from China helps to strengthen the economy in many ways, adding that Liberia’s position on China is in the interest of one China Policy which would encourage Chinese citizens here to interact as family and not divide us as a result of conflict.

As the Co-chair on the Senate’s Committee on Foreign Affairs Senator Wesseh indicated that the Liberian Government is committed to the one China Policy and will not do anything to harm the already existing cordial relationship with China, praying that nothing would undermine that.

On the diplomatic front, he applauded the African Union, ECOWAS and organizations that are in support of the one China Policy to continue working with China in the supreme interest of the African Continent.

Speaking further on other international issue, Senator Wesseh also discussed about the ongoing war between Russia and Ukraine which impacts have already seeming economic turbulence and the shortages of basic commodities due to the war between the two countries and called on the leaders of the international community to step up efforts to bring the situation under control, adding that there could be a possibility of an unending escalation amongst the two groups if nothing is done to quickly bring the countries together.

He maintained that the tension could deteriorate if the world bodies fail to do something to deactivate the unnecessary engagement from continuing. He said this has a propensity to cause greater harm on African countries doing business with the two nations.

The River Gee lawmaker also mentioned that the two nations need each other, including Africa particularly where our students are training meaningfully in various areas such as science and technology and in trade and commerce.

According to him as a ranking member on Foreign matters, he has decided to add his voice to others who are calling for an end to the destruction, saying that this would help the citizens there and also Africans doing business with the two nations in terms  of trade and commercial activities.

 He reiterated that if the war ceases, it would provide the opportunity for African students to continue their learning and the untold suffering and displacement of Ukrainian and Russian citizens who are made vulnerable in their respective countries will once again come together as one.

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