Sen. Wesseh lauds the Church For Peaceful Transition

MONROVIA – River Gee County Senior Senator Conmany B. Wesseh has lauded the Church in Liberia for setting a good example of peaceful leadership transitions in the country and congratulated the Liberia Council of Churches, the Assemblies of God Church, the Episcopal Church and now the Lutheran Church in Liberia for conducting peaceful elections leading to smooth changes in their leaderships.

Senator Wesseh, a well known pro-democracy advocate and peace promoter stated that the Church is setting a good example for local and national leadership changes especially at the political level.

The respected Senator was speaking on behalf of Liberian Government officials participating in the solemn Consecration Ceremony of Bishop G. Victor Padmore, as the 5th Presiding Bishop of the Lutheran Church in Liberia, on Sunday, July 3, 2022 at the St. Peter’s Lutheran Church in Sinkor, Monrovia.

Senator Wesseh who was accompanied by Bong County Senator Prince K. Moye, reminded the congregation that the most violent conflicts in Liberia are mainly traced to elections.

The River Gee County lawmaker recounted that the Lutheran Church in Liberia (LCL) is one of the oldest Christian denominations with a history of playing a positive role in ending the 14 year civil unrest in Liberia. He mentioned that several citizens and religious leaders who were seeking refuge at the Lutheran Church during the Liberian civil unrest were  massacred in the particular church edifice and yet the Church continued working for peace. He said that it was therefore befitting that a member of the Church, Leymahp Gborwee, won the Nobel Peace Prize.

Senator Wesseh who played a major role during negotiations for the Accra Peace Agreement and a noble signatory to that agreement is currently serving as a leader or ranking member of key Senate Committees such as Modernization, Foreign Affairs; and Defense, Security, Intelligence and Veterans Affairs.

He concluded by congratulating The Rt. Rev. G. Victor Padmore on his assumption of the Bishopric of the Lutheran Church in Liberia (LCL) and wished him the best in continuing the transformative work of the Church in Liberia, particularly in River Gee County.

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