Sen. Dillon Poised to Checkmate Executive -Vows Non-performing, unqualified Nominees Won’t Slip Thru Cracks

As members of the National Legislature return to work after a hiatus from their regular Easter Break, they are expected to clear many outstanding issues on their plates and address new ones, in their cardinal responsibilities of representing the interests of the people, crafting and passing laws in the interest of the people, and checkmating the other two branches of government to ensure good governance. Montserrado County Senator Abraham Darius Dillon is one of the few legislators who is taking his responsibilities to another level. On the heels of the Legislators’ return to the Capitol Building, Senator Dillon is vowing that he is fully prepared to execute his mandate, especially when it comes to checkmating President Weah’s nominations during Senate confirmation hearings.

In an intriguing social post Wednesday, Senator warned that anyone who served in a tenured position and was re-nominated to the same position or nominated to serve at another public entity, must be prepared to tell and prove performance and impactful delivery on the job.

“We will ask and demand answers to include previous and current Assets Declarations, etc., in order to qualify for my vote at Confirmation Hearings. We will leave no stone unturned!!! No non-performing, grossly inept functionary of Government will earn my vote for Confirmation to serve again!” the loquacious lawmaker warned.

Citing the case of President George M. Weah’s recent nomination at the Roberts International Airport (RIA), Senator Dillon cautioned that “any nomination to, at and over our International Airport must be prepared and ready to convincingly earn my vote for good of country”.

In an attempt to clarify doubts over the fact that his lone advocacy for transparency at the Senate might not be enough to bring about the requisite changes needed to harness the fruits of democracy, Senator Dillon had this to say:

“You know I do not take my job lightly. Since I became Senator, folks have been rejected. Nwabudike. Zoely Zoe, Toga Nimely, the lady nominated at MICAT, etc. No easy ride! Only Kemaya slipped through since I became Senator.

“Yes, I am rallying my colleagues. Hope we all will stand firm. I will remind us about others that we championed to get rejected or caused the withdrawal of their nominations to avoid outright rejections,” Senator Dillon reasoned.

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