Seminar for Liberian Media Think Tank and Senior Scholars Opens in Beijing

MONROVIA: As part of the benefits of the technical cooperation between Liberia and China, a seminar for some media professionals from Liberia under a platform, Liberia Media Think Tank and Senior Scholars has opened in Beijing, China. It will last from August 15, 2023 to September 4, 2023 with 25 media practitioners from Liberia attending event.

In her welcome remarks at the opening ceremony, Ms. Zhou Jihong, First Grade Counsel of International Cooperation, Department of National Radio and Television Administration (NRTA) expressed delight for the participation of Liberians at the program and stated that over the years China and Liberia have conducted extensive cooperation in the field of radio, television and other form of audio visual media. She said the NRTA has the honor of hosting the China media cooperation forum under the auspices of the China Africa cooperation framework.

“The media forum has received wide support from the participation from Liberia as well as other Africa nations, without which the forum cannot succeed. The platform has extended our exchange and dialogues in. terms of policies and cooperation.

The NTRA subsidiaries including the China including and the academy of broadcasting planning has also actively assisted the Liberia Broadcasting system in its update and expansion project”, she said

She said in June this year, her institution also provided an online workshop for the LBS centering around general technology and management as the covid gradually become history, adding “we are very excited to return to face to face format , and seeing you all here in Beijing actually as if old friends are meeting for the first time”.

She told the audience that in recent years radio and broadcasting industry in China has welcomed new development of opportunities and challenges, stressing that currently China is prioritizing media work accessible and covering more audiences through a modern broadcasting service system, “after all the purpose of media is to better serve national, economic and social development and satisfying audiences needs for standards of living, information and entertainment”.

Miss Jihong further said the NRTA collaborated with the Beijing municipal government and the African union of Broadcasting in August to host the 5th China Africa media cooperation forum where President Xi Jinping and. Senegal president sent congratulatory messages.

She stated that In his letter Chinese President Xi stated that he hope China Africa media can carry on the spirit of friendly cooperation which will become drives of human exchange and protectors of fairness and justice, engineers of global development and that it is up to media to tell the story of china and Africa for this new era and to promote human values, common human values and contribute wisdom and energy in this community of share future for all human kind.

“Currently china is trying to follow our own path to modernization, the pursuit of the great rejuvenation of the Chinese nation, economic and social development therefore common goals for developing nations ,we all share a common goal that is making the dream of our people come through”, she said.

Going further, Miss Johong contended that at present the global situation is complex and intertwine and the media has the power to consolidating consensus, protecting peace and driving common development.

“We hope to share china experiences though workshops and seminars such as these to jointly explore the paths of development ahead of us. I trust that with the following weeks you will have a better understanding of china and our radio and television broadcasting audible visual field. This will serve as a foundation for more and more deeper cooperation down the road. I also look forward to more thoughtful exchange and comments from you not only to make our centers better but to inform your own expertise”, she concluded.

Speaking on behalf of the Liberian participants, Mr. Michael Tarpeh Young, who is an aide of the Deputy Minister of Foreign Affairs of Liberia thanked the Chinese Government through NRTA for the wonder opportunities and support being afforded Liberians to travel to China and learn new things that will benefit them at the various work places which will also impact the development of the country, especially in the media industry.

He also thanked the Chinese government for other opportunities given to Liberians in various sectors over the years, adding that these offers have been part of the driving forces behind national development back home. He expressed optimism that the knowledge that will be garnered at the seminar will be applied upon the return of the participants and appealed to the organizers to continue availing these initiatives and many more to Liberians.

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