Rumors Rife Again Over VP Resignation

No one knows for sure whether perceptions of bad blood between the President and Vice President of Liberia are mere gimmicks by detractors to divide and rule them or there is a seething, authentic and uncomfortable reality disguised in pretense. What is however undebatable is that rumors about relations-paralysis between the two are rising by the day and speculations about the Vice President’s resignation keeps in the news all the time. Yesterday, yet again, the rumor mill was boiling, suggesting that the Vice President, Dr. Jewel Howard Taylor, had tendered her resignation. But before inks got dry on the rumors, the office of the Veep issued a denial, as The Analyst reports.

Multiple sources in the top echelon of Government yesterday increased whispers about the resignation of Vice President Jewel Howard Taylor.

This is not the first time the Vice President’s resignation hit the rumor mills. Each time it came up, the office of the President hastened to deny.

But what gave some unsuspecting citizens strong feelings to accept the fresh news of the Vice President’s stepping down was not only her body language—frowns and little or no claps—at the Joint Chambers of the National Legislature when President George Weah was giving his Annual Message.

It is also that a week earlier the Vice President had complained to the National Legislature outlining her dissatisfactions over budgetary supports to her office.

Moreover, the Veep’s communication came after she had boycotted the official setting of the National Legislature for their third sitting—an occasion that is traditionally graced by the Liberian Vice President who is constitutionally President of the Senate.

The frequent rumors and at times indirect comments about situations faced by Veep Taylor in Government nearly gives the impression that the Executive Branch, principally President Weah, is treating the Vice President with disdain, hate and exclusion—but often the Vice President would respond quite differently perhaps Feignedly.

Following her communications to Liberian Senate over delays of budgetary allotments disbursed to her office, Madam Taylor in an interview with a media outlet sounded she was far from quitting her job.

It is not clear what gave rise to the resurgence of the Vice President’s resignation yesterday, spreading from corner to corner like wildfires in the dry.

Before the fall of the day, the Office of the Vice President came out with a statement denying the rumors.

In a short release, the Office of the Vice President made it clear that Madam Jewel Howard-Taylor has not resigned and is committed to fulfilling her constitutional mandate as Vice President of the Republic.

According to the releases, the Vice President is aware of the trust and confidence reposed in her by the Liberian people and will continue to serve with distinction.


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