River Gee Students Endorse Sen. Wesseh -To Recontest Senatorial Seat  

MONROVIA – River Gee County Senator Conmany B. Wesseh has endorsement from some citizens of the county to contest the Senate Seat of the county.  The incumbent has been endorsed to contest the Senate seat during the ensuing presidential and legislative elections of October 2023 by a cross section of the student community of River Gee County drawn from various institutions of higher learning.

The endorsement took place during a petitioning ceremony held Thursday, February 9, 2023 at the Capitol Building on Capitol Hill.

According to a release, the huge number of River-Gee County students came from around the county to Sen. Wesseh’s Capitol Building office to petition “this brilliant son of the county to recontest the Senate seat during the 2023 process.”

A spokesman of the students, Mr. Elijah Cheapoo, disclosed that the students came to endorse Senator Wesseh with the backing of all young people from Kilepo, Chedepo Tiehnpo,  Gbeapo, Potupo, Webbo, Sarbo, Kaibo, Kayteabo, amongst others.

Cheapoo noted that River Gee needs an experienced person in the Liberian Senate to represent the new county; and added that the profile of Senator Wesseh over the years made him outstanding and drove them to choose him over the rest.

Members of the youthful student population, who were in attendance in their numbers, praised the senator for being one of the key voices in Liberian Senate, something they said has exalted the county and makes it shine when it comes to representation and oversight at the House of Elders.

Reading the petition on behalf of the students, Mr. Elijah Cheapoo, said the senator needs to be re-elected in order to complete his transformation agenda.

Mr. Cheapo said with the endorsement of well-meaning youths, who have wholeheartedly agreed to give their blessings and support, Senator Wesseh’s dream to work with the people of River-Gee for the county’s transformation  will become a reality during the ensuing national elections.

The youth leader of the cross section of the River Gee students emphasized that the Senator’s admirable records in the Senate coupled with his respect for ordinary people make him best suited for the job. They then promised to stand by him during the October 10, 2023 electoral process.

It can be recalled that some elders and traditional leaders also gave him the greenlight to contest the senatorial elections when he embarked on a countywide tour during the recent constituency break to brief his people about happenings at the Legislature. The elders and traditional leaders disclosed their plan to work with Senator Wesseh to ensure that the dream and transformation for the County is realized.

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