“River Gee No Go Zone” -Weah Gets More S/East Support For Re-election

MONROVIA: As President George Manneh Weah takes his second term bid deeper in the heartland of the South eastern part of the country, there seems to be a very strong indication that the region may not entertain any other choice for the presidency as the people of River Gee County have declared their county as a “no go zone” against the opposition and they have resolved to turn out on October 10, 2023 and vote the president massively.

The citizens made their intention known on Monday, October 2, 2023 at a political rally held in Fish Town upon the arrival of the president and entourage in the county as part of his nationwide campaign to solicit votes towards his reelection bid where a huge number of citizens led by Superintendent Philip Nyenuh converged to take “this historic and important decision to support the President whom by merit deserves a second term and we will support him until the final victory is achieved”.

The citizens had thronged the welcoming end of Fish Town to receive their August Guest who had earlier been ushered in the county by a traditional welcome ceremony conducted by the chiefs and elders which was witnessed by local county officials as well as members of the legislative caucus and top government officials at the national level of governance from River County.

Having completed the reception formalities, President Weah drove through the town to the venue of the program in an open motorcade waving to the people who were lined up on both sides of the road leading through the city before disembarking from his vehicle and literally being mobbed by the excited crowd that came to witness the program.

Several groups and influential citizens took their turn at the program to speak why the President should be reelected, vowing to commit whatever resources to their disposal to ensure that the President wins the October 10, 2023 general elections.

The chiefs and elders started the endorsement galore when after offering their traditional blessings to the President enumerated the number of projects and achievements he recorded in a relatively short time compared to the previous administration, among which was the means of mobility for chiefs throughout the country and sustaining the peace over the years.

“Mr. President, you have given us reasons to vote for you and also to convince our sons and daughters to vote for you. We want to thank you for the cars and motorbikes you gave the chiefs in the country. We can now move around and talk to our people. We are also thanking you for the peace we are enjoying in this country because without people there will be no development.

“For these and many reasons, we are going to vote for you and convince our people to vote for you massively”, the chiefs said through their leader who spoke through an interpreter.

The first time voters who said they have constituted themselves into a voting bloc to ensure the President’s reelection comes to fruition, stated they owe him gratitude for “making access to education readily available to Liberian youths at all levels of the academic strata in the country”

“Your WASSCE payment and free tuition fees for us are something we believe with good return on investment for the future of the country and therefore, we are going to vote you collectively and ensure you win on October 10, 2023”, the spokesman for the group said.

The head of the women group in River Gee, Madam Martha Dopoh energized the rally when she mounted the stage to assure the President of a “one round victory on elections day” because the President has set the pace for development and must be rewarded at all cost.

“I am very happy to stand here today to welcome our “Messiah, Our Freedom Fighter, Our Bad Road Medicine” and to tell him that it is surely going to be a one round victory because he has done so much for the Liberian people.

“You made the campaign easier for us, you have done what others have not done. Our Messiah, Freedom Fighter, Our Bad road medicine, if I stand here to call all the names we will not leave from here.

“Thanks for pre-campaigning for us. You made the campaign easier for us. When we look on the other side towards the Bassa community, we see the football field, when we look to the administrative building, we see the Central Bank, when we look here we see LEC, when we look right in front of us here, we see the new city hall. Mr. President, you have done so much for us and we are going to pay you back”, she said amidst cheers from the crowd who were shouting “one round, one round, 18th street”

For his part, Superintendent Philip Nyenuh said River Gee is thankful for the level of development in the county besides the “good number of our sons and daughters are in his government and these people are making invaluable contributions to the county”

He said reelecting President Weah is a foregone deal and that “come October 10, 2023, the good people of River Gee will reelect President Weah”.

One of the representative candidates in the race, Representative Alex Poure of District #1 made the resolution of the people even clearer when he arouse the people’s enthusiasm that there was no way any other presidential candidate will make a mark in River Gee ahead of President Weah.

“We can only say that River Gee is a no go zone. There is no room for any other party or candidate as our people are resolved to give the President a one round victory and we mean it. I am not going to talk much on this but we want to assure you Mr. President that the people have made up their mind to vote you massively”, he said.

All other legislative candidates including Senatorial aspirant Charles Bardy, I. B. Wuo and Johnson William reiterated the stance of Rep. Poure, stating that “the one round victory for the President was non-negotiable”.

President Weah who spoke later a delighted man said he was happy to be back in River Gee to solicit votes from the people having done so in 2017 and he had done enough to merit a second term.

“I am happy to be back to my people. Like in 2017 when I came to you with nothing, I am back again to ask for your vote at the expiration of my first tenure. I am a record breaker and for the little over 5 years now, I have not disappointed you as I have delivered on most of my promises by up to 85 to 90 % and the balance percent, they are in the completion stage.

“I know the other people who were there for 12 years have been coming to you and making all kinds of promises that they never fulfill. So you do not need to listen to them because they have nothing new to offer you. They called themselves rescue team, but I can tell you they are a resting team. How can they rescue you when they cannot rescue themselves? We have been rescuing them so just forget about what they are telling you that they cannot do”, President Weah said.

While asking for the people to renew his tenure, he also called on them to also vote for all the candidates on the ticket of the CDC “so that when I am proposing a bill for you in the parliament, I will not have problem from the other people who will not want development for you.

He urged the citizens to begin to think big during the elections “so that you will not continue to elect people who you continue to elect but have not done anything for you, those who continue to oppose you and your progress, your development”

Though not being part of the original itinerary to visit Kanweaken, President Weah accepted to visit Kanweaken, a city with a huge support base of the President where citizens turned out in their numbers to welcome him and thanked him for the numerous development he has been carrying on in the county.

President Weah having listened to them at a town hall meeting held with the people especially after receiving their endorsements, thanked them for the honor and assured them that he will not disappoint the people when re-elected to the Presidency. The President and entourage then departed River Gee for Maryland and was received by an enthusiastic crowd upon entering into Maryland in continuation of his nationwide campaign.

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