“Rev. Dr. Reeves Resigned from MOVEE” -Party Clarifies

The Movement for Economic Empowerment (MOVEE) wishes to categorically clarify the misconception and misinformation being carried on local media that Rev. Dr. Samuel Reeves is a member of MOVEE. Rev Reeves served as Vice Presidential Candidate of the MOVEE for the 2017 Presidential Election but has since resigned from the party immediately after the elections. “We are compelled to make this clarification in the wake of mounting media reports branding Dr. Reeves a politicians and a member of the MOVEE,” the party stated in a May 31, 2022 press release, which was signed by its National Chairman Dan Torkamawon Saryee, Sr.

    MOVEE said it is aware that the wide media reactions is a part of the lazy scheme usually concocted by the regime to weaken critical voices in Liberia. “Over the years, the CDC administration has succeeded in weakening the fortitude of rights-based groups and institutions that have mandate to uphold the tenets of good governance, accountability, justice and transparency. The ruling CDC has done this by beclouding the political environment with insecurity, threatening mysterious events and using the media in some cases to intimidate critical voices.

    “Let it also be told that there is a strong relationship between religiosity and governance and that is probably why our history cannot be spoken of without mentioning the role of the church.  Rev. Dr. Reeve’s acceptance to serve as a Vice Presidential Candidate on the MOVEE ticket was a call to service, just it was for President George M. Weah who is a pastor for the Forclay-kron Church, like William R. Tolbert, Jr. who previously served the Baptist Convention, Vice President Daniel E. Warner and others who presently serving in active political responsibilities. 

   “This said, the MOVEE hereby thank leaders and churches operating under the Liberian Council of Churches for a smooth transition of leadership and urge the Church to be a strong advocate against evil in the society and particularly in government. It is our hope that the new leadership of the Church will establish itself as a voice in the promotion of peace, good governance and human rights in Liberia,” MOVEE noted.

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