Rep. Younge Gets Flower in R’Gee – As Citizens Laud Road Initiatives

By Sallu K. Swaray


Amidst the deplorable road condition faced by Citizens in the remote parts of our country, the Citizens of River Gee County have celebrated the ribbon cutting and the official opening of the Juwelpo Road in River Gee County constructed by District # 2 Representative Francis S. Younge.

The River Gee lawmaker said he has embarked on fixing the road as a means of giving the citizens easy access to their town. The River Gee Citizens lauded the road project initiatives and shouted in jubilation of the road opening were they were seeing chanting slogans,  saying “Thank God for Weah” for the construction of the Fish Town – Juwelpo Road which has been one of the major impediments to the citizens and commuters.

The Citizens were in their jubilant mood expressed their happiness through their traditional war song dance, commending the Government, especially the District # 2 Representatives, for the county for his good initiatives and advocacy role he played to have led to the construction of the road.

According to the River Gee Citizens and elders, they hope that President Weah will someday visit River Gee, so that they could show him their gratitude and support to his leadership.

Also at the road opening, the citizens presented traditional kola-nuts with several items including a goat as their token of appreciation to Representative Younge for the Juwelpo road initiatives.

The Juwelpo citizens said for many years, no lawmaker had ever made such a goodwill gesture as compare to Representative Younge, and owed to work with Hon. Younge for a better River Gee.

They indicated that in spite of the serious road network challenges they had faced with in the county, the past leaderships had paid deaf ears and blind eyes on their plights.

The Citizens stated that with the election and representation of their district by Rep. Younge, the condition of the people, especially in District 2, has made significant change, indicating that the Representative has put smiles on the faces of the people in the county.

The people of that district recounted the numerous things that Rep. Younge has done including sponsoring a bill to create the Potupo Statutory District, in addition to the road project carried out in the county.

They indicated that in addition to the road initiatives, the bill has already been passed by the House of Representatives and is currently before the Liberian Senate for concurrence.

The Citizens reiterated that Rep.  Younge, just after few months in office, has made available several scholarships for both primary and secondary school levels, including the recruitment of qualified teachers at the Tweh Jay Clay High School in Fish Town.

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