Rep. Yekeh Wins at Supreme Court -But vows to return to court if order is not honored

District #10 Representative of Montserrado County, Yekeh Kolubah got his prayers at the Supreme Court answered positively yesterday, Wednesday, July 21, 2021 when the apex court ordered the leadership of the House of Representative to pay the lawmaker all his salaries and other benefits  that were withheld in the wake of the suspension he was served.

Yesterday’s decision by the Supreme Court brought to an end the legal action instituted by Representative Kolubah to challenge his suspension that was illegally extended according to him by the leadership of the house and withholding his salaries and other benefits in addition to the suspension. He had also petitioned the court to interpret the meaning of “meeting days” as used in his suspension letter so as to determine the duration of his suspension.

By the action of the court, tough talking lawmaker will receive his full month salaries, gas slips as well as the restoration of his full rights and privileges as a lawmaker.

The plenary of the House on Monday, July 19, 2021 had taken a decision to lift his suspension which effectively had restored his salary and benefits but the lawmaker insisted that he will not accept the arrangement as the case was with the Supreme Court where he wanted the case to terminate. The final decision from the court means that his wish was served.

It can be recalled that the lawmaker was suspended by a plenary decision for what his colleagues referred to as his continuous insults on President George Manneh Weah, Speaker Bhofal Chambers and other colleagues and decided to honor the suspension until the leadership of the house went ahead to extend his suspension to another couple of days, the action he protested against and he sought the intervention of the highest court in the land.

Meanwhile, Representative Kolubah has vowed to return to the court if the leadership under Speaker Chambers fails to honor the mandate issued by the court to make sure his case is favorably disposed of. He said his rights and privileges were disrespected by Speaker Chambers and his leadership that led him to suffer an additional punishment of a month and a day extension to his suspension that he had served as well as withholding his salaries.

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