Rep. Suacoco Dennis Advises Cummings “Just Tell Liberians what you can do For Them, Forget about Weah”

MONROVIA – Amid the trending reactions from some Liberians on the exchange of letters between the Political leader of the Alternative National Congress(ANC) and the presumptive standard bearer of the Collaborating Political Parties(CPP), Alexander B. Cummings, the Representative of District #4, Montserrado County, Madam Rustonlyn Suacoco Dennis has offered advice to Cummings to focus on telling the Liberian people what he can do if he is elected President in 2023 and forget about correcting President Weah because the people seem not to be interested in correcting the President.

“My kind advice to you is that you continue your journey and tell the Liberian people what you can or will do for them. Nobody is interested in you correcting Mr. Weah anymore”, the Montserrado County lawmaker said through a post on her official social media page on Wednesday, August 31, 2022 which has since gone viral and continues to attract public attention.

Representative Dennis who few weeks days ago had also written about the frosty relationship between the President and her which has impeded development in her district had made biblical reference of Matthew 7:6, “Give not that which is holy unto the dogs, neither cast ye your pearls before swine, lest they trample them under their feet, and turn again and rend you”, to imply that it was pointless Cummings critiquing the President because at the end of the day, even as good as the politician’s approach may be, others will still castigate him.

Commencing her open letter to Mr. Cummings, Representative Suacoco Dennis wrote, “Dear Mr. Cummings: Kindly accept my compliments and best wishes as I write through this medium [on Facebook Page] to bring to your attention some things that are forbidden in this world by nature that which you recently did: It is like you threw pearls before swines and gave what was regarded as structurally sound or holy to dogs.

“For me not to  be misinterpreted by blind loyalists, sycophants and bootlickers  and people with poor comprehension skills that I have insulted the highest seat, let me state herein my reliance from the Holy Book of Matthew and what is believed to be the spoken word of the soon coming King: King Jesus Christ of Nazareth.

Speaking in this context, she said the “Soon coming King” wasn’t referring to physical dogs and swine but rather the attitudes of others who are cognate of swine and dogs.

Madam Suacoco said the exchanges also reminded her of the Scenario between Albert Porte and President William VS Tubman, on August 25, 1951 , wherein Porte tried to advice the President at the time not to venture into luxury by purchasing the yacht for 150k USD at that time, rather the president should invest into infrastructure which Liberians are lacking today. Porte’s advice to Tubman turned out into personal attacks and vulgarity from the president.

“As Tubman was hailed by limited people yesterday for a situation that had caught up with us today and we are infrastructurally behind, similarly it is happening in modern times between Cummings and President Weah,” she observed.  

However, the Montserrado County representative hoped that Cummings has learned from this passage of the Holy Bible. “In fact the Bible was written as guidance for humanity, a belief held by Christians and so we must use it accordingly,” she asserted.

Madam Suacoco Dennis saw Cummings’ communication as something “Holy and worthy of accepting and your communication also as pearls. Sadly it was trampled upon and tattered upon you.”

Accordingly she said “My kind advice to you is that you continue your journey and tell the Liberian people what you can or will do for them. Nobody is interested in you correcting Mr. Weah anymore.”

According to the representative, the Liberian people know that President George Weah can’t govern the country, noting that the founding Members of CDC  or CDCIANS know that President George Weah can’t govern Liberia; and the business community also  knows this.

Stressing further that the Religious community knows this, the international partners know this,  ECOWAS is aware of poor governance and lack of respect for the rule of law, Rep. Dennis added that the only people who don’t know are “Jorwean and Weahcian” and apparent reference to followers of the President, adding “Even True CDCIAN knows this plain fact.”

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