Rep. Bility Sets the Pace for Assets Declaration -Detailed Assets Documentations and Published on Social and in Print Media

MONROVIA: As the need for leading by example gains traction in the country, the Representative of District #7, Nimba County, Musa Hassan Bility, has elevated the challenge by not only declaring his assets which is a constitutional requirement as a public servant but by also going beyond the requirement to publish the declaration both on the social media and conventional media for public consumption.

According to a sworn affidavit he published yesterday, Thursday, February 29, 2024, Bility who had earlier proposed at the plenary of the House of Representatives that every lawmaker should publicly declare their assets and publish them in the media, said his net worth in assets is US$43,583,500.00, while his liabilities are in the tone of US$11,500,000.00.

The declaration by Bility has generated heated discussions among stakeholders and ordinary citizens with a lot of those who have been speaking out, praising the Nimba County lawmaker “for doing the honorable thing to set the pace for others to follow and heighten the bar for transparency and accountability in the country”.

According to some political pundits, the decision of Bility has put pressure on those in public service to live up to the expectation of the people especially those who have declared their assets “in secrecy to either hide what they own or owe, apparently to short change the Liberian people”

“We can safely say that this is unprecedented for a lawmaker or a public servant to declare their assets and have them published on social media and in the conventional media. It speaks volumes about Mr. Bility and where he stands on issues of transparency and accountability,  that he can be trusted for what he does and what he says”.

On the other hand according to some political analysts the declaration has also discounted every negative information about Bility going into politics to make money for himself and other personal entitlements that come with power.

“It is high time that those who have had all reasons to speak negatively about Mr. Bility to have a rethink. He is not one of those regular hustlers that will go into politics for the personal benefits side of it. He is well established, independent and very thoughtful of everything he puts his mind to do. We need more of those who are in the caliber of Representative Bility”, said Samuel Dargbeson Toe II, a social commentator told The Analyst last night.

Bility himself on several occasions has said that the only way Liberia will move forward is for those who are trusted with leadership positions to be transparent and accountable to the people and it must be shown in what they do.

“As a representative, I cannot ask anyone to be transparent if I myself am not transparent”, Bility said recently when he spoke on an online platform, SKTV recently.


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