“Remove Justice Minister, IGP”-Dillon -Demands Action on Scott’s Attack

MONROVIA – Senator Abraham Darius Dillon of Montserrado County has made a passionate plea with his colleagues to convoke a vote of no confidence in the Minister of Justice Cllr Frank Musa Dean and the Inspector General of Police, Mr. Patrick Sudue for noncommittal attitude showed in the two officials when Cllr. Gloria Musu-Scott, former Chief Justice of Liberia made a formal complaint about two separate attacks on her and family and followed by the third one which led to the death of a niece of Madam Musu-Scott and injuries to others on Wednesday, February 22, 2023.

Senator Dillon made the statement yesterday, Thursday, February 23, 2023 during the plenary session of the Senate when the attack on the residence of the former Justice Minister was brought up for discussion and each senator was asked to make air their views amid the crucial nature of the unfortunate occurrence and the importance the upper chamber of the national legislature attaches to the situation.

“I thought this Senate would have already taken a decision to instruct the police to assign security to Gloria Scott because she is a former Justice Minister, former Chief Justice, former Chairman of the National Elections Commission and former Senator who reported on two occasions about attacks on her.

“The Justice Minister and the Police Director failed to act and I thought the Senate will be declaring a vote of no confidence in the two people and will even be demanding their removal today”, the tough talking senator said.

He told his colleagues that the two previous attacks before the last one that led to a disaster to the former Chief Justice and her family was not in secret as she made formal complaints to the Ministry of Justice and the Inspector General of Police who treated the matter with mute indifference where they only instructed the police patrol team in the area to pass around her residence only and no tangible security measures were put in place to provide adequate security in place which might have averted the incident.

“She announced twice, she did not speak in secrecy, she announced on radio and formally complained to the Ministry of Justice. What did they do? They instructed the police in the community to tour the area and come back.

“The Police Director who is the chief bodyguard to this country has more security behind him than protecting the citizens.

“Mr. Presiding, this Senate must not wait for the committee report. We must take a decision today, to instruct the Justice Ministry to assign permanent security to the former Chief Justice”, he said.

Senator Dillon who put up a strong posture while addressing plenary said the senate should not dwell on investigating the matter as it was security related but at the same time should not entertain any of the explanation being given by the security thus far based on the story that “one of the employees hid himself in the house” and asked rather rhetorically, “was that same employee in the house for the other two times when they nearly killed her?”

“If you allow the security to put these kinds of statements out, you made it possible for the people to doubt what you are saying”, he said

The top Liberty Party official said that it was not in his thought to make any insinuation but if it would have been safe given the role of Cllr. Musu-Scott in the legal battle the party has been involved in where she is leading other lawyers to legally resolve the crisis in the party, he will be correct to say the attack was politically motivated.

“The Senate must take a decision to pass a vote of no confidence on the Minister of Justice and Inspector General of Police and demand their removal.

“She would have died and this Senate would have stood up to write rest peace (RIP) because of the failure of the Justice Minister and the Police Director”, he concluded.

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