Remembering Justice Korkpor -Civil Society Outlines Judiciary Achievements

MONROVIA – The Liberian saying, “Give a man his flowers while he can appreciate them” came to pass yesterday when the Civil Social Network of Liberia (CSNL) commended Liberia’s outgoing Chief Justice Francis Korkpor for his many years of dedicated and committed service to the Liberian Judiciary.

According to a September 27, 2022 press statement from the CSNL, the group saw the wisdom in honoring out-going Chief Justice Korkpor for presiding over an independent, reliable and effective judiciary.

The CSNL further noted that during his tenure, Chief Justice Korkpor initiated and coordinated major policies; carried out infrastructural development programs and initiated several reforms that have greatly transformed the Liberian Judiciary, and the decisions of the Supreme Court under Chief Justice Korkpor were made without fear or favor and in strict adherence to the rule of law.

“The Civil Society Network of Liberia wishes to recount the many monumental gains made by the    Judiciary under the administration of Chief Justice Francis S. Korkpor. In an effort to ensure access to justice for all, a basic tenet in peace building and democratic development, the Judiciary under the watch of His Honor Francis S. Korkpor, Sr., engaged in the construction and staffing of new judicial complexes; the renovation, rehabilitation and completion of several other judicial buildings, including magisterial courts for the first time in several political subdivisions (counties) of Liberia; the provision of academic and training initiatives for hundreds of judges and other judicial workers to build capacity; the maintenance of freedom of speech and tolerance, as guaranteed under the Liberian Constitution; increment in the salaries of judges and other judicial workers; amongst others.

“The Civil Society Network of Liberia wants to make it unequivocally clear that major decisions taken by the Korkpor’s Bench were independent and just. Granting of Stay Order on the 2017 Run-Off Presidential Elections to hear complaints against the first round; ruling in favor of former President of the Liberia Marketing Association (LMA), Madam Alice Yeebahn when she was illegally suspended by Vice President Jewel Howard Taylor; rulings against several candidates of the ruling CDC in the 2020 Midterm Senatorial elections and the 2021 Representative Elections in Bong County; and ruling in favor of Mr. Oliver Dillion, brother of the government’s fiercest critics in the in the Liberian Senate are testament to the independence of the Judiciary led by Chief Justice KoKpor.

“A deeper review of the Judiciary under His Honor, Francis S. Korkpor, Sr. has indeed shown it to be different from previous benches of the Supreme Court. The Supreme Court Bench has indeed rendered transparent justice from an independent standpoint. The legacy of His Honor Cllr. Francis S. Korkpor, Sr. will forever be replete with the provision of justice to all, irrespective of political, social and economic backgrounds.

“We hope that the new Chief Justice, Her Honor Justice Sieneh Youh will continue to lead the Judiciary in the footsteps of outgoing Chief Francis Korkpor,” the Civil Society Network of Liberia stated unequivocally.

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