“Reject Nyumalin and Freeman” -CDC Urges Senate, cites “troubling human rights records”

MONROVIA: As nominees for various positions appear for confirmation hearings as constitutional requirement for appointment and commissioning by the President, the former ruling party, the Coalition for Democratic Change(CDC) has called on the Liberian senate to reject the nomination of Messrs Francis S. Nyumalin and J. Nelson Freeman, nominees for the positions of Internal Affairs and Deputy Inspector General for Operations of the Liberia National Police respectively, citing “troubling human rights records”.

In a press statement issued on Friday, February 16, 2023 and signed by the National Chairman, Mulbah Morlu, CDC expressed profound dismay at President Joseph Nyuma Boakai, saying “the appointment of these individuals, who have a reprehensible history of violence, death, and destruction perpetrated against innocent citizens, severely impedes the progress of the widely promoted ‘Rescue Train,’ which now appears completely derailed”.

“In urging President Boakai to remove the two instigators of violence and any others involved in harming innocent citizens, the Congress for Democratic Change also appeals to the esteemed Liberian Senate to reject these nominees if the President remains steadfast in his decision.

“Given the overwhelming evidence implicating these two suspects in the deaths, violence, and lawlessness against innocent citizens, it would be prudent for President Boakai or the Senate to take decisive action. This could help mitigate the impact of partisan biases that currently hinder patriotic thinking.

“Driven by an excessive zeal to further political agendas, Mr. J. Nelson Freeman, on separate occasions, notably on November 7th, 2011, led a brutal special unit of the Liberia National Police. This unit trespassed onto the premises of the Congress for Democratic Change in Congo Town, where they subjected unarmed civilians to brutalization and point-blank shootings, resulting in fatalities. Despite these egregious human rights violations, Mr. Freeman evaded accountability, being absolved of wrongdoing by a partisan committee convened to ensure his innocence, while his victims continue to seek justice to this day.

“Similarly, Mr. Francis S. Nyumalin, a former legislator, rose to infamy during recent elections in Foya, Lofa County for masterminding a systematic campaign of death, violence, and bloodshed against perceived political opponents. He openly proclaimed himself an ‘Old rebel,’ publicly expressing his intention to ‘Mob’ and eliminate a security personnel who had fled from his threats. Throughout the campaign, Nyumalin was armed with a single-barrel gun, assuming the role of an ‘Old rebel’ commander, and rallying numerous underprivileged youths to his cause, exploiting their fervent loyalty as ruthless instruments of death, violence, and disorder”, the statement said.

The now dominant opposition party said the incidents exemplify the documented barbarism inflicted upon innocent citizens by the nominees, casting a shadow of moral failure upon the Honorable Senate should they receive confirmation.

CDC asserted that as a party unwavering in its commitment to upholding the rule of law, “the CDC calls for swift and decisive measures against the growing culture of impunity in Liberia, irrespective of the perpetrator’s political affiliation, ethnicity, gender, or religion”. The party said without a shared commitment to the rule of law, Liberia risks descending into the abyss of institutionalized violence, decay, and ruin.

“Therefore, while continuing to be Liberia’s foremost proponent of the rule of law, steadfast in offering constructive criticism and support for the collective welfare, the CDC reserves the right, as a last resort to safeguard the sanctity of institutional governance, to contemplate unspecified political action within the bounds of legality”, the release concluded.

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