Recounting Fond Jiffy With Petitioners – Charlyne Says It Was ‘Life-Changing’ Moment

MONROVIA – For quite a while now, Charlyne M. Brumskine, has been ploughing the political grounds, particularly in her native Grand Bassa County, to make a debut onto the Liberian political landscape her surname is a noble familiarity. Her father, who passed away just a few years ago, was a legendary politician in Liberia and political benefactor mainly in Grand Bassa County. But modern Liberians are not good at remembering the value of the past, and they hardly adore legends too long, and Charlyne must not have known clearly how the people of the county would treat her ambition for an elected position. However, Sunday, December 11, 2022 came and it will go down in Grand Bassa County’s political history as a jiffy to remember. Charlyne Brumskine herself was awed by the tsunamic outpour of humans in the street of Buchanan City to endorse her candidacy for the representative of District #3 of the county. Hours later, she looked at and saw that it was a moment she can never forget, as The Analyst reports.  

The Port City of Grand Bassa County was taken by storm Sunday, December 11, 2022 when residents rose up in their numbers never seen in decades to show their solidarity to one of their proud daughters and to endorse her an aspirant in the ensuing 2023 legislative elections in the county.

Cllr. Charlyne Brumskine is expected to contest the representative seat of District #3 in Grand Bassa County where the Brumskines have their social and political signatures on the walls of that historic province.

The seemingly revered nature of the endorsement ceremonies was shown graphically in the presence and participation of Bassa bigwigs that attended the occasion, including former Defense Minister Daniel Chea, former Grand Bassa County Representative Gabriel Buchanan Smith, and a horde of elders, the religious community, student groups, grassroots women organizations, among others.

Media reports had it that the major streets in the country was submerged in human crowds from the morning hours up to the late afternoon hours, with youth running erratically about chatting battle cries and pro-Brumskine slogans.

The occasions of engineered and implemented what the group, Buchanan United for Brumskine Election (B-CUBE), whose Mr. Emmanuel Surprise Whea, indicated in a formal statement that the petitioning of Cllr. Charlyne Brumskine followed series of exhaustive consultations with citizens and stakeholders from diverse sectors of Grand Bassa.

The B-CUBE statement ensured Ms. Brumskine she will be elected as the next representative of District #3 Grand Bassa County, to afford the people of the district proper representation and to further ensure that the voices of the people resonate at the level of the legislature.

“This decision is intended to benefit the people of Electoral District #3 and transform the Commonwealth district through compassionate leadership,” said the petition. “The future will be shaped by what happens today. The young people are waiting anxiously for a leader who will fight for us. Our health care and education sectors are seriously lagging behind. We wholeheartedly and unequivocally endorse the aspirations of Cllr. Charlyne Brumskine as representative of Buchanan District#3 on this 11th day of December 2022.”

Madam Charlyne Brumskine accepted the endorsement of the people of Grand Bassa County, thanked them for their support and promised that her representation will benefit the people of Grand Bassa County, irrespective of political affiliations.

Recounting Emotions of the Moment

Barely 24 hours following the every emotional and electrifying solidarity program, Ms. Brumskine took to her Facebook Page to reflect on her interactions with the people and to thank them.

“I have given a speech before the full bench of the Supreme Court of the Republic of Liberia; I have made remarks in the presence of His Excellency President George M. Weah; I have lectured first year law students at the Louis Arthur Grimes School of Law,” she wrote, accentuating the historic and euphoric nature of her engagement with the people of Grand Bassa at the progrom.

“However, no speaking engagement was as personal and life-changing as speaking to my people at my endorsement ceremony yesterday in Buchanan City, Grand Bassa County.”

She said the people’s decision was resounding.

“They came out with a clear mandate,” he added: “This was not a Senatorial election, nor a Presidential bid. This was not a campaign rally. It was only an endorsement program for ONE district. And the people’s support was clear. The message that the citizens of Buchanan sent yesterday was unequivocal.”

Describing the impact of the ceremony, Ms. Brumskine noted: “No one controls their voice. Power is inherent in the people. There are no king makers only people armed with their democratic right to elect those that will serve their best interest. And they intend to exercise that right.”

Continuing her Facebook post, she said: “[The Bassa people] are ready for real transformation, empowerment and a reconciled Grand Bassa. They are saying no to cheap politics and yes to good policy. They are in desperate need of policies that promote economic development and empowerment. The women and the youthful vote Will not be left behind!! They are fired up and ready to go!” On a highly emotionally noted, the young Brumskine said: “My only regret of the day was that my late father, Cllr. Charles Walker Brumskine, the Political Giant of Grand Bassa County and the Founding Father of Liberty Party could not be there to lift my hand up, but where he was absent, the people were present. Thanks to all of you who continue to support me. This is just the beginning! Grand Bassa stand up!! Liberia First!” 

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