Reconciliation No-Go in Grand Cape Mount -New Senator Walking of Slippery Ground?

When newly inducted Grand Cape Mount County senator Simeon Taylor took over recently and joined his legislative colleagues on a reconciliation tour of the county, his major peeve project was to accordingly bring his people together after a bitter and acrimonious electoral process that witnessed untold violence in a region which had once been considered as a peaceful haven for citizens, residents and investors. But accounting from recent events that culminated from his post-electoral tours, it is being established that Senator Simeon Boima Taylor might just be playing lip to his call for reconciliation, as The Analyst has gathered.

According to cogent information available to this medium, Senator Taylor missed the mark completely during the recent legislative tour where he was being showcased as the “People’s Senator”, under the aegis of Grand Cape Mount County Legislative Caucus, Senator Varney Sherman, who preached forgiveness and reconciliation.

According to Senator Sherman, during the grueling stretch of the Legislative Tour, the citizens of Cape Mount should rally around Senator Simeon Taylor to ensure that the county benefits from development initiatives.

However, despite Senator Sherman’s and other members of the GCMC Legislative Caucus call for reconciliation, observers who witnessed the tour were astonished that Senator Taylor himself completely sidestepped the issue of reconciliation, when he distributed hate-provoking t-shirts to his followers on the tours, depicting messages such as: Nine Months Senator Give Birth to Nine Years Senators, among others that derogatorily depicted the losing candidate as a stranger in the Gola vernacular.

Gold Camp Scenario

As this paper goes to print, it is reliably learned that Senator Simeon Taylor is the brains behind the current conflict in Gold Camp, a gold-rich community of Gola Konneh District which is struggling over leadership issues.

According to our information, Senator Taylor has impressed on some local government authorities to keep Gold Camp Town Chief Kona Yoko in her position, even though the community has proffered a vote of “no confidence” in her leadership.

Amidst street protests and public outcries, the Paramount Chief suspended Town Chief Kona Yoko pending investigations, and appointed an interim administration; but the decision was quashed accordingly through the influence of Senator Taylor who impressed on the Paramount Chief and others to reinstate Town Chief Kona Yoko based on what was said to be the failure of the Gold Camp elders to honor a meeting in Tahn to address their complaint against Chief Yoko.

But according to authorities close to the opposing Gold Camp authorities, the Gold Camp elders did attend the called meeting but were informed that they should return and would be cited at the appropriate time because Senator Taylor had not arrived in Tahn to address the issue.

When The Analyst contacted the Grand Cape Mount County Superintendent, Mr. Aaron Vincent, he clarified that one Alex had been appointed as ad hoc Town Chief for the period of three months pending the investigations, and that Kona Yoko was still serving suspension.

All efforts to contact the beleaguered Gold Camp Town Chief proved futile as this paper was reliably informed that Madam Kona had travelled with Senator Simeon Taylor to Sierra Leone during his recent tour.

Investigations continue.

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