PUL Cautions Parties Against Victory Claim -Ahead of Official Announcement of Election Results

MONROVIA: The Press Union of Liberia (PUL) has fervently made appeals to all political parties, including the Unity Party (UP) and the Coalition for Democratic Change (CDC), to refrain from organizing press conferences announcing election results from the polling held on Tuesday, October 10, 2023. The Union also underscored the paramount importance of preserving peace and upholding democratic governance in Liberia.

In an official press statement, the Press Union of Liberia emphasizes the potential consequences of such impulsive announcements, which could incite violence and disrupt the peace of the nation.

The Union firmly asserts that the National Elections Commission (NEC) must be accorded the respect it deserves as the sole authorized body designated to officially declare the results of elections conducted under its purview. Therefore, political parties are urged to cease any press conferences that aim to declare their own results, projecting themselves as winners before the NEC’s official announcement, the PUL insists.

Furthermore, the Union calls upon political leaders in Liberia to abstain from mobilizing their supporters through media platforms to declare themselves winners of the recently conducted elections.

The Press Union of Liberia indicates that media practitioners and entities are also implored to exercise utmost caution and responsibility by refraining from covering activities that possess the potential to incite unrest and undermine the stability of the nation. Journalists and media institutions are meant to provide a platform for the public to express their views.

However, the media should avoid covering politically volatile topics and events during these elections period to protect themselves from future liabilities.

Meanwhile, the Press Union of Liberia has congratulated the Liberian People for their enthusiastic participation in the elections and their commitment to exercising their right to vote. Exhibiting patience by waiting in the queues from early morning until six o’clock, demonstrated a remarkable acknowledgment of unalienable right during any Liberian election.

The Press Union of Liberia reiterates its commitment to fostering a peaceful and democratic environment throughout the electoral process. By adhering to these principles, Liberia can ensure a fair, transparent, and peaceful election, thereby safeguarding the democratic values that the nation holds dear, the PUL declares.

The Press Union of Liberia (PUL) is the foremost organization representing journalists in Liberia, committed to promoting press freedom, safeguarding journalists’ rights, and upholding ethical standards in journalism. Established in 1964, the PUL has consistently championed the cause of journalism in Liberia and remains dedicated to advancing the interests of media professionals and the broader public, a release issued yesterday concluded.

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