“Protect the Constitution or Ship Out” -CPP’s Wisner Sends Caveat to Weah; As Amb. Brown Barks

MONROVIA – As the clock ticks closer to the October 10, 2023 D-Day when Liberians will go to the polls to exercise their democratic franchise and elect their choice of presidential and legislative leaders, worrying signs are emerging that point to a possible escalation of electoral violence which could dampen outcome of the 2023 elections, evidenced by the December 5, 2022 violent attempt by thugs to reportedly harm, frighten and instill fear into the heart of the chief planner of the CPP-led “We are Tired Suffering” rally, Ambassador Lewis G. Brown, who had gone to honor a radio appearance on Capitol Bye Pass. Smarting from the violent escapade which was streamed live worldwide depicting graphic scenes of bloodied civilians, one of the lead campaigners of Team Cummings, Mr. George Gyude Wisner, has laid the blame of the attack against Ambassador Lewis Brown squarely at the doorsteps of President George Manneh Weah and Monrovia City Mayor Jefferson Koijee, cautioning President Weah and his government to either protect the constitution that they swore an oath to, or ship out and leave the Liberian people alone.

“The attack against Ambassador Brown was orchestrated by lieutenants of Mr. Weah. Mr. Koijee in the last few days had drummed up what we believe to be a calculated plan to intimidate, harass and frighten the opposition, especially the CPP, into submission. Of course, we know that it is a vain attempt. Of course, we know that this government has lost every moral will, and the Liberian people are determined to show them the door. They cannot frighten us. But what is scary is that this president who has taken oath would not only ignite a flame that has the potential to undermine the peace and security of the state, but will be silent when his supporters and key lieutenants drum up these kinds of statements of threats and intimidation to silence the opposition,” Mr. Wisner said.

Making the statement at the headquarters of the opposition Collaborating Political Parties (CPP) Tuesday, Wisner said President Weah and his government have a constitutional responsibility to protect free speech; and that they have a constitutional responsibility to protect free assembly, which is non-negotiable in a democracy.

“We cannot compromise that. This is the sacred responsibility of Mr. Weah; and we take seriously the attempt on the life of Ambassador Brown and all opposition that find themselves in similar situations. It will not be tolerated. And we will ensure that Mr. Weah and his government will either protect the constitution that they swore an oath to, or they ship out and leave the Liberian people alone. They have already done more damage to this country, in five years than any other time. They have reduced this country to nothing. The country is fast becoming a pariah in the eyes of the international community,” Wisner stated emphatically during the press conference, noting that President Weah has left the country in flames and crisis, when mothers are still struggling on how they are even going to feed their children this Christmas.

“Mr. Weah is partying. In the face of the Christmas season that everyone looks to, what has Mr. Weah done? He has increased the prices of rice. If the mission last night was for us to abandon the “We tired suffering” rally, it has just energized the Liberian people. It has just strengthened our resolve. Let me say to Mr. Weah, to Mr. Koijee and to this government: this rally is for the Liberian people. For those who for the past five years have had to endure your abuse, your intimidation, this rally is for them. It is their opportunity. Even CDCians that you have disappointed, those who were under the rain and sun for you, when you came to power, you abandoned them; you left them to fend for themselves. They are tired of you. They are going to show up. And if you think you are going to rely on the police, guess what? Even the police that are waiting for you on that day, they will show up. You’ve already seen the signals. For the first time in our country’s history, as president of the Republic, you now have your own security details leaving you on a foreign trip, defecting. The Liberian people are tired. They’ve spoken. And on December 17, they will show up. Again, I want to thank the Liberian people for their resolve. I want to thank the Liberian people for their steadfastness and together we will ensure that our country regains its rightful place,” Wisner stated.

Lewis Brown Barks
In affirming the violent attack carried out against his person on Monday evening, Ambassador Brown said the attack was mainly intended to send a notice of fear to the opposition community, but the plan backfired.

“This government is scared. This government is worried. When we were kids, and you did wrong, and you knew your parents were home waiting for you to go home, you became scared. Nobody needed to tell you to be scared. You yourself would be scared to go home because you knew what was awaiting you.

“Today I want to be clearer. President Weah started this. Mr. President, stop! Tell your people, your thugs, to stop! You should know me by now. I said it to your face; that you were not qualified to be president. You proved it in five years. Trying to kill me will never stop me from telling you this. You are not fit to be a leader,” Brown cautioned.

“And I know you’re using little Koijee. Young man, snot was not even coming from your nose when we were struggling in this country for freedom and peace. You can never frighten me. You are a coward. Come to my face. Don’t send kids to get hurt. You said you sent people to infiltrate us in our meetings? You don’t need to infiltrate. I will tell you everything to your face, you little Koijee.

“The Liberian people pay you; the City of Monrovia pays you to clean up the place. Look at what you have created. You’re not worried about that. You can’t do your job. And you want to send thugs to make me scared? Is there something in me to be afraid of a snotty nosed kid like you? That foolishness you did here on July 26, it will not happen again. Liberian people are resolved. And do you think killing me will stop this rally? You are a fool to think that. We are actually helping this government by giving the Liberian people the opportunity to air their grievances. This is what democracy is about.

“Little Koijee, be warned. Anybody on Team Cummings you touch, not even me, thousands more will stand up. But you will pay, and you will pay dearly. You little boy, behave yourself. Your job is to clean our city. You’re not even cleaning it well. Behave yourself,” Lewis Brown challenged.

Regarding the December 17 peaceful rally, Brown said the violent attack against his person only made the opposition voice stronger.

“On December 17, the people of Liberia will speak, and you will never touch one of them. I dare you. I defy you. I defy the president. You’re popular, what are you scared of? You’re doing the right thing, what are you scared of? The people say they are tired. They’re trying to speak to you, then you want to intimidate them?

“This is a peaceful rally, and it will happen on December 17, and it will happen outside the Samuel Kanyon Doe Sports Complex. People will gather from their homes and walk their peacefully. The duty of this government will be to protect them. You better fulfill your responsibility to the people, or you will not be worthy to be called a government.

“You disappointed the people, President Weah. You disappointed even your own bodyguards. Shame on you. You ain’t able to do the job. But we will take it from you democratically. We will go to elections. We will beat you like an old drum. You don’t deserve a second term. Instead of knuckling down and doing the right thing for the country, you want to intimidate and frighten us? You want to attack us? You went to your church and lied against me in the sanctuary; did I attack you? You got people calling me all sorts of names all over the place, have I attacked anyone? You are a coward. You are not a man. The people will turn out on December 17. You will hear them.     The private plane you were riding, the people paid for it. Our election is under threat, but our president is globetrotting.

“I am not criticizing this government from Ghana or from the United States. I am right here. Last night when they were doing all that childishness, I told the host in the studio to continue his show because those are kids who were being misled. President Weah, stop abusing and misusing these little children. Little Koijee can’t stand in my face and talk about the sort of trash he’s talking about. Lying on Milton Teahjay that I wanted to kill Teahjay.

“We will have a peaceful rally. It is our right to have a peaceful rally. And we will have it where we paid for; even though, I now know we should not have paid for that space, but we paid for it – outside space. We will not even use the bathroom of the stadium,” a visibly irate Brown said.

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