Prodemocracy Group Wants People-Centered Govt.

By Matthew H. Turry

MONROVIA: A pro-democracy group, the Democratic Assembly of Liberia (DAOL) has urged the incoming Boakai-led administration to be a rather decentralize government.  The Executive Director of the group, Mr. Prince Nagbe, admonished the incoming Unity Party government to be people center-government, instead of being a triangular government,

Mr. Nagbe told a news conference yesterday, Monday, December 4, 2023, of the organization’s desired for a decentralize system which will prioritize the welfare of the people, saying that when power is often shifted it usually doesn’t reflect the will of the people.

He noted that people  centered government  will usually enjoy the confidence of the people, noting that a government which only listened to a few persons on the basis of friendship is bound to be kicked out at the ballot box.

The recent election, he said is an example, and should remind even Ambassador Boakai that when he build a triangular government where he will only listened to henchmen, he would be kicked out as well just as the current government.

“We deem it experience to come into ensure that our people get a larger stake in political governance so they can feel part of the process,” he pointed out.  Against this backdrop, Mr. Nagbe said  his organization will ensure that it institute what it called , “the Democratic Assembly of Liberia” which will  protect the right of the people so that the people can understand  and benefit from the full proceeding of governance.

“Not just that, government workings should reflect the full direction of our country, and should also decentralize the fifteen sub-division of the country,” he maintained.

According to him, “We are going to focus on the rights of the people,” including labor rights which he said should be respected. He spoke of the people enjoying the share values in democracy whereby they will have a fair share in government, adding that by so doing whatever is said by government should have a trigger down effect on the people.

“Our people over the years have been suffering greater negative impact of bad governance to some extend; their needs has not been reflected in government and administration, as  the past government’s impact were not properly felt  because there has been a continuous change of government or administration,” he averred.

He asserted how his organization intends to use the media to propagate the values of democracy for the Liberian people, who he noted should form part of the economy and be participants in the economy, not a spectators.

For the 2023 elections in Liberia, he said it was transparent; Ambassador Boakai won the election and we are clear about. He indicated that irrespective that he supported President Weah’s re-election bid, he notwithstanding preferred to be objective to state that there was no foul play, the people expressed their will at the polls.

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