Prisons Are Also To Reform Inmates -Says Jeety as he feeds over 2,000 inmates

By Stephen G. Fellajuah

In his usual display of humanitarian services to various groups of people in Liberia, Mr. Upjit Singh Sachdeva commonly known as ‘Jeety’ on Saturday, May 29, 2021,  fed 2,300 inmates with cooked rice and kidney beans along with juices, cake and water, at the Monrovia Central Prison compound.

In his remarks, the former Honorary Consul General of India to Liberia noted that the feeding program is in fulfillment of his commitment to provide cooked meals and other gifts once a month to inmates of Monrovia Central Prison.

The former envoy, being moved by inspiration and belief, said he does not give to get, but to inspire others. “We strongly believe that we will be able to inspire our fellow businessmen who will also think about the inmates and start serving them as well”, he said.

“With this aim today we have brought food for over 2.300 inmates, which includes rice, kidney beans, chicken, water, juice and gifts so at least the prisoners and inmates can feel that they are being taken care of very well.”

Jeety, who is also the Chief Executive of Jeety Trading Corporation, a premier dealer of building and household materials across the country, stated that he also believes that prisoners and inmates are not only in the prison compound for the crimes they commit but to be reformed.

He clarified that the initiative of serving cooked meals to the less fortunate and inmates is from Jeety Trading Corporation, and said the company is not getting external or internal support from anyone. “We started this initiative from 2017 and we are not getting suppor from anyone”, he said.

Making remarks on behalf of the authority of the Monrovia Central Prison, Capt. Fedell Nyentu Thomas Jr. lauded Jeety for his food feeding program to inmates of the prison. “On behalf of the Superintendent of the Monrovia Central Prison, Col. Varney G. Lake and the administration of Bureau of Correction and Rehabilitation of the Monrovia Central Prison thanked Jeety for the initiative”, Captain Thomas Jr said

Capt. Thomas Jr, explained that the gesture from Jeety Trading Corporation is not new, but something he (Jeety) does continually, especially for the prison institutions. He said Mr. Jeety has been so good to the inmates population by feeding them at specific intervals adding “We hope that this gesture from you will be blessed by God and continue to go a long way, that other people will see the need to assist.”

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