Princess Cooper’s Family Frustrated Over 2nd Autopsy Delay -Requests Govt. to Return Body for

By: Anthony Q. Jiffan, Jr.

The family of the late Princess Cooper whose lifeless body was discovered in the compound of the FAWAZ Building Materials Store at ELWA junction are requesting her corpse for burial, noting that the road to obtaining justice into Princess’s death seemed to be a rocky path.

A statement issued by the family on Wednesday, May 25, 2022 said, “In an effort to bring to closure to our grieves, bereavement and to foster peace of mind, we the family of Princess Cooper have requested via a formal communication written to the Government of Liberia through the Justice Ministry to take delivery of the body of our beloved Princess for the purpose of giving her a befitting burial”.

The late Princess Cooper lifeless body was found in the fence of FAWAZ Building Material Store at the ELWA junction on March 24, 2022, a situation which elicited national concerns, triggering several protest actions by family members, civil society organizations and other Liberians.

The family in a statement alleged that since the incident, there has been several dissatisfactions, unnecessary missteps, and unjustified denial by the Government of Liberia through the LNP and the Justice Ministry with the investigation proceedings.

According to them, the Liberia National Police has yet to give tangible reasons for which the crime scene was totally exposed, and furthermore, never protected for a certain period due to the critical nature of the death of Princess.

The statement indicated that there were few individuals captured as persons of interest but only certain personalities were exposed to the General Public both via mentioning their names and publishing an in-house investigation video with one of the persons of interest, leaving out an unidentified Lebanese personality of whom the public is yet to be informed as to why was he investigated and what was gathered during the investigation.

The statement also noted that the family formal complained directly through the Justice Ministry to the Government of Liberia where they confirmed their disapproval for an autopsy to have been conducted by Dr. Benedict Kolee and his team due to qualification concerns which was never adhered to.

The family of Prince Cooper further lamented that the Liberia National Police (LNP) has since failed even before or after the autopsy to have provided a full scale or Comprehensive Report from what was gathered from their executed investigation so that one would see if it has any form of collaboration with the agreed Government of Liberia Autopsy Report.

The family also alleged that they have never been respected in regards to communications during the entire process, either directly or through our Lawyers.

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