Prevented From Taking Over -Cllr. Moiffie Kanneh Resisted at NASSCORP

By: Anthony Q. Jiffan, Jr.

MONROVIA:The debate for tenure positions has been manifesting in the country in different forms and shades as resistance to replacements of the tenure punctuated differently. While some were using the court systems to resist official takeover of tenured offices the situation was different at the National Social Security and Welfare Corporation (NASSCORP) where on Monday, March 4, 2024, the Officer-In-Charge appointed by President Joseph N. Boakai, Cllr. Moiffie Kanneh, was stopped from taking over the office by the principal deputy to the Director General.

The situation apparently was an utter embarrassment for officials of the Unity Party led Government to include Bong and Gbarpolu Counties Senators Prince Moye and Botoe Kanneh, Unity Party Chairman Luther Tarpeh, Commerce Minister and former Party Chairman Amin Modad who accompanied Cllr. Moiffie Kanneh to take over the National Social Security and Welfare Corporation as Officer in Charge.

Our reporter who rushed to the NASCORP offices on 24th Street Sinkor said upon the arrival of the delegation at the National Social Security and Welfare Corporation they met a senior staff meeting which was organized by the Deputy Director General, Madam Camerna C. Yeke.

The officials of government along with the Officer in Charge designate were ushered into the conference room of the entity where the meeting was being held, and the UP team stated they were at the office to witness the taking over of Cllr. Kanneh as the Officer in charge based on  the appointment of President Boakai.

Madam Yeke who is the principal deputy to the Director General, Dewitt vonBallmoos, abruptly adjourned the senior staff meeting and began to call the Director General during which time Senator Prince Moye and Unity Party Chairman Luther Tarpeh pleaded with her to drop the call and have a conversation with them.

Although, Deputy Director General Camerna Yeke later dropped the call with Dewitt vonBallmoos, she notwithstanding informed the team, including Cllr. Moiffie Kanneh, that her boss vonBallmoos has told her that he did not receive any communication from the Executive Mansion concerning Cllr. Kanneh’s appointment as Officer in Charge at NASSCORP,  and even asked that if they wanted her to put a phone on speaker for them to hear for themselves she was prepared to do so. But Senator Moye and Chairman Tarpeh said that was not important at the moment.

Sadly, in a disappointing tone, Senator Prince Moye and Chairman Luther Tarpeh asked “Is it the right procedure you want us to follow”? And when Madam Yeke responded, they walked out.

All efforts to have Cllr. Moiffie Kanneh to speak on the matter proved futile; but Sources close to him informed The Analyst Newspaper that Cllr. Kanneh, who was appointed as Officer In Charge at the National Social Security and Welfare Corporation (NASSCORP) by President Joseph Nyuma Boakai, was on Monday, March 4, 2024 prevented from taking over by employees of the entity.

The Director General of the National Social Security and Welfare Corporation, Dewitt vonBallmoos is out of Liberia on a medical leave.

According to The Analyst’s investigation, Kanneh was not replacing the current Director General as feared by some individuals in the system, but was going to provide leadership until the DG recovers and returns to job.

Sources close to  Kanneh have informed The Analyst Newspaper that employees at the National Social Security and Welfare Corporation said they did not receive communication from the Executive Mansion about his taking over.

Our sources who preferred anonymity disclosed that upon the arrival of Cllr. Kanneh and his team at the headquarters of the National Social Security and Welfare Corporation there was a senior staff meeting, the team was allowed in and presented the reason why they had gone to NASSCORP.

Our sources further indicated that following the action of the employees, Kanneh and his team left the scene but were urged to follow up on the information about his appointment to the Ministry of State for Presidential Affairs.

Up to Press time, the Government of Liberia through the office of the President has made no official position about the action of employees at NASSCORP.

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