Pres. Weah Turns On Electricity in Palala -Says Second Term Will Be Better

MONROVIA: In what was seen as a major boost to his political expedition in Bong County to solicit votes for his reelection bid, President George Manneh Weah yesterday, Tuesday, September 12, 2023 switched on electricity supply for 89 homes out of the targeted 350 homes in Palala, the first of its kind in the county where also an additional 3000 homes are to electrified in the coming weeks throughout Bong County just as the President assured the citizens that his second coming on his reelection will open new windows of opportunities that will benefit every Liberians.

President Weah who was accompanied by the Vice President and other top government officials both from the national and local governments and top members of the Coalition for Democratic Change said he has a strong determination to change the development narrative of the country having set the foundation in his first term and that the second term will see him implementing and dedicating monumental projects never seen in the history of the country.

At the brief, but memorable ceremony, President Weah who was visibly excited on the completion of the project in record time walked to the switch board and said, “and as it is written in the Bible, God said let there be light and there was light”, then switched on the light  and hurriedly left for another program in Dean Town, leaving some town folks who were around to witness the program cheering continuously as the President and entourage left Palala.

Earlier at the political rally held at another venue President Weah told the citizens that his visit to them was first to “give you my first term report from the first mandate you gave me and also to tell you the first task you gave me has been done successfully and asking you to please renew it so that I can do more for you”

Like at other programs where he had gone to speak to the people and had asked for their votes for the second term, President Weah told them that he cherished trust and confidence in every day to day activities in his life and by rightly applying the practice, he has been able to help himself to achieve successes. He said there is no one who is intelligent enough to deceive a group of people and as such it was always good to be trusted by people who will always be around to make reference to what they repose their trust and confidence in you.

“I have listened to all of you and it is fair enough that I don’t think I have different things to say concerning my achievements over the short period I have served you. You have listed them and thanked me for those achievements. What do I tell you again about the WASSCE fees we have paid? The tuition free initiative, the roads, the peace we are enjoying, among others.

“But it is very important to say that no matter the case, every man must try to be trustworthy. I came to you without anything and asked for your votes but you trusted me and voted me President. In a similar way, I did not abuse your trust, I worked very hard in the few years to do something that the other people who want to take over did not do in their 12 years”, he said.

President Weah urged the people to see Liberia as their first priority, warning them to be watchful and guide themselves being deceived by politicians that “in this election season they will come to you and sell all kinds of stories to you so that you will develop false hope but at the end of the day, you will know that they don’t have anything for you”

“Liberia has existed for all these years and it is sad that we are almost doing everything because there is no foundation. You will see that in 176 years this country existed, my little over 5 years of leadership has done more than individual presidents that have served in this capacity.

“We are giving support and direction to our young people because in our time, they did not help to achieve our goal and then it brings me to the question, then why they want to come back again and say they want to rescue this country. Rescue it from where? It is not possible that you will spend 50 years in government and you don’t have any records to show”, he said.

He said most of what he should have achieved are in their final stage of either implementation or coming on stream, adding “for most of the projects we want to do and leave them back as our legacy, they are around 85% to 90% at completion stage and it is fair that you give me the votes and not the others so that they can’t come on board and spoil everything”.

He canvassed on behalf of the CDC candidate in the district, Gabla Williams “because we need to support our own people to enter in the parliament to make things easy for us if we want to implement or undertake any project that will require legislative approval”.

Vice President Taylor who introduced President Weah to the people said the people of Bong County are eternally grateful for a number of important projects undertaken by the government since its inauguration.

“Mr. President, we thank you for something unique you are doing in Bong County which is the electricity. We thank you for the approval of the USD1m towards the completion of the science labs at the Bong Technical College to enhance the learning environment in the school. We thank you Mr. President for signing of the agreement to have another energy project in the county near Fuamah in Disrict. So we have every reasons to be grateful to the President and we are going to give you all the support you will need to win this election.

“Now, ladies and gentlemen please stand up to welcome on stage, the World Best, European Best, Africa best, Liberia’s best President “, VP Taylor said, amidst cheers from the audience.

The CDC candidate in the district, Gablah Williams who said he was excited to be present in the county to welcome the president and to be part of the campaign process, thanked the president for the level of development he has carried on both in the county and the country and prayed that the President’s quest will come to past.

He however made a passionate appeal to the President by lying down before the president for a number of projects including the construction of the administrative building for the district, the completion of the local radio station, the construction of roads in the district among others.

President Weah and entourage then departed Palala for Dean Town where another political rally was held amidst endorsements from the citizens and several other groups who all vowed to turn out in their numbers on Election Day to re-elect the President whom they described as a “listening and development leader who will change the face of the country when elected”. They had also presented a series of requests to him for his prompt redress.

President Weah who said he was appreciative of the gesture and the offer to campaign for him to ensure his victory, told the people to always seek peaceful solutions and dialogue as a way of channeling their grievances no matter the situation. He said the ugly event which led some of their kinsmen to be jailed for which he issued an executive clemency for them should not be reported.

He said companies coming to their areas are there to assist them with jobs and other benefits and if they have any good reasons to disagree with the management, they should approach the appropriate authority to seek for redress other than going for violence.

President Weah will enter his third day today on a journey that was planned to last for 4 days.

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