Pres. Weah Takes Campaign to D-15 -Puts Smile on the Face of Candidate Abu Kamara

By: Anthony Q. Jiffan, Jr.

Ahead of the July 8, 2019 senatorial and representative bi-elections in Montserrado County, the political leader of ruling coalition for democratic change (CDC), President George Manneh Weah has embarked upon campaigning for candidates of the ruling coalition, taking the President to Montserrado County District #15 where he campaigned for Representative Candidate of the CDC Abu Kamara.

The “jubilant” campaign trail by the Liberian leader into District #15 Thursday, June 27, was seen as a venture that added more impetus to the crusade by Candidate Kamara of the Coalition for Democratic Change as both parading huge crowds of supporters through the District from Logan Town cinema to Larjor in the Township of Caldwell.

The CDC political leader, President George Weah was accompanied to District #15 by an array of high power delegation of executives of the Coalition for Democratic Change and supporters, sympathizers as well as well-wishers who were chanting political slogans and battle cries, dancing among others, which put more smile on the faces of for Mr. Kamara and his local supporters.

The CDC’s candidate for District #15 is no stranger to the district politics, having contested the previous elections that he lost to the deceased representative, Adolph Lawrence. But he has this time around vowed to take seat with by popular votes at the polls.

Mr. Kamara said he has, over the period, kept his political dream alive by working with the people of the district – undertaking some development projects under his Abu Developmental Initiative (ADI), a non-governmental organization he has established prior to his involvement with electoral politics.

On their hand, political pundits say the ruling party appears to be under pressure from the opposition bloc to clinch victory in Montserrado County as the contrary may be a testimony that the CDC is getting unpopular among the masses.

According to the political leader of the CDC George Weah, Montserrado County is his party’s stronghold;  as such partisans should do everything possible to ensure that they prove supremacy over the opposition  by winning the bi-elections on July 8, 2019.

Meanwhile, Main opposition candidate Telia Urey is hopeful for the representative seat of District #15, and has been working to prove CDC unpopular in the district.  As the crucial political examination time draws nearer, all political hands on each side are on deck to ensure a perfect victory in July.

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