Pres. Weah Sounds Caveat -Threatens To Dismiss Any Public Official For Counter Protest

President George Manneh Weah has warned officials of government to desist from making irresponsible comments that seems to undermine his administration. Deputy Presidential Press Secretary Smith Tobey quoted President Weah as taking serious exception with people sometime wanting to speak for the CDC.

The presidential press secretary further said, the president will under no condition allow anyone to counter-protest in order to undermine his administration, an apparent reference to Jefferson Koijee’s statement that he will counter any opposition protest.

President Weah has promise to take drastic action against any government official that will be involved with such an ugly act, adding that the penalty will warrant suspension or dismissal.

It can be recalled the president has already, on August 2, 2019, suspended with immediate effect, two senior officials at the National Bureau of Concession (NBC) for time indefinite.  Daddy Gibson, Deputy Director General for Administration and Nathaniel Bracewell, Deputy Director General for Concession at the National Bureau of Concession were suspended for Administrative misconduct, especially when they set out a blockage

Similarly, the President has also condemn the recent flogging of Deputy Police Commissioner for Operations, Col. Melvin Sackor  during the violent outbreak between the four collaborating opposition parties and the ruling CDC at the pre-victory celebration held at the Liberty Party headquarters in Congo Town.

The Deputy Police boss Sackor was allegedly flogged by those believed to be from the ruling CDC due to his mediation role between the CDC sand opposition rivals on July 31st 2019.

Giving the seriousness of the nature, the deputy press boss said, President Weah has strongly condemn such alleged act stating that no-one will ever be allowed to carry on such action again

The Executive Mansion has reportedly launched an independent investigation intended to asserting the fact. According to Information roaming in public space, Col. Sackor has alleged the resignation of deputy police boss, although there has been no independent confirmation.

It can be recalled that Monrovia City Mayor Jefferson Koijee has vowed  to counter protest opposition has come under huge condemnation by both religious organizations and civil society institutions, who thought the statement seems to undermine the peace and stability pf the country in the wake of rising inflation and the exchange rate.

Mayor Koijee,  in a recent press conference,  argued that in as much as legisalators can lead protest demonstrations against the ruling government of which he is an official, he too as the Lord Mayor is inclined to lead protest against the opposition as Youth Wing Chairman of the CDC.

Not only that he threatened protests, he said his CDC’s protest will always coincide with that of the Council of Patriots or any opposition protest group so that both groups will meet as Liberians, “in flesh and blood,” Jallah D. Massah reports.

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