Pres. Weah Receives Traditional Honor Named “Bior, Kaweah,” -Kru Elders Bestowed “Great Warrior” Title on Pres. Weah

By: Anthony Q. Jiffan, Jr.

The President Dr. George Manneh Weah was on Wednesday, January 29, 2020 awarded one of highest traditional honors of the Kru Tribe, conferring upon him the title of ‘Bior’ of ‘Kaywea’ meaning Great Warrior. The honor was conferred upon the President by the elders and residents of the Borough of New Kru Town at the celebration of its 104th anniversary.

The Borough of New Kru Town was established by an act of Legislature in January 1916, making it the only Borough in West Africa traditionally owned by the Kru ethnic group in Liberia.  The elders and residents said such tradition title bestowed upon President Weah can only be given to a great son of the tribe like the Liberian leader.

The honor was bestowed upon the Liberian Chief Executive on behalf of the people of the Borough of Krutown by the Chairman of the Eight Nominative Districts of the Borough, Elder Johnson Teah at the D. Twe Sport Pitch in the Borough.

The occasion which was held at the D. Twe Sports Pitch in New Kru Town, brought together hundreds of residents of the Borough, including students from various high schools and government officials to grace the occasion.

Elder Teah who said the title “Kaweah” which is also referred to as “Bior” in the Kru vernacular is translated the honor to mean “Great Warrior” known for winning great battles.

Elder Teah noted that the ascendency of President George Weah to the country’s highest seat has brought pride and happiness to the people of the Borough of Kru Town, southeastern region of Liberia, the Kwa speaking group as who detractors referred to as slum dwellers.

In remarks, President Weah accepted the honor bestowed on him as a son of the Kru people and thanked the elders for considering him among many others who may equally deserve the highest honor of the tribe.

President Weah reiterated his call for reconciliation and peace among all Liberians as was said on Capitol Hill during his third State of the Nation Address to the 54th National Legislature on the January 27.

The President also told the people of the Borough that it’s time that all Liberians unite and put aside their political differences if Liberia must get on path with her counterparts developmentally.

The Liberian leader further calls on Liberians to lead the way for the promotion of peace, stability and reconciliation in the interest of Liberia, which he believed will serve the country holistically and not for individual or personal interest, or political gains.

The Kru People were seen displayed numerous of traditional performances including war dance, something which took President Weah from his seat to also display his traditional war dance before his kinsmen.

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