“Pres. Weah Is Man of Peace” -Eugene Nagbe Debunks PYJ, UP Allegations

MONROVIA: “President George Manneh Weah is not a killer, he is a man of peace; had it not been so, the United Nations would not have made him ‘Peace Ambassador”, says the Campaign Manager of the Coalition for Democratic Change (CDC), Lenn Eugene Nagbe who says that because the opposition main contender, the Unity Party has sensed its defeat, it is finding excuses.

Nagbe, the Commissioner of Maritime Affairs who was granted leave of absence on the job to lead the CDC’s Campaign was reacting to statement from the opposition Unity party that President George Weah has plotted to kill the UP Standard Bearer, former Vice President Joseph Nyumah Boakai, stating that “when these kinds of things are not reacted to, they are tantamount to give such [lies] credence. The CDC Campaign Manager Spoke in Kakata, Margibi County where the Campaign trail of the incumbent in the 2023 Presidential race president George Weah took a tour yesterday, August 30, 2023.

He told the people of “The man whose car was parked for 12 years” have issued statements in which they said CDC wants to kill former Vice Joseph Boakai. In his reaction to the statement, he said “It is unfortunate, it is untrue, it is fallacious; the idea to even conceive that is from the bottom of the pit of hell.  It is not true.”

“The President is not a killer”, he reiterated, stressing that the President is a man of peace. “The reason I am reacting to this is [because] this is the second time [of such a statement].  He told the mammoth crowd that the man who was noted for being what he called “killing king kong,” Prince Johnson, spoke in Saclepea, Nimba County accusing the President of wanting to kill the former Vice President.

“The man who killed a President on TV – the whole world watched it; the man who killed people – he is the one that accused the man of peace of being a killer,” he stated with disgust, and added, “We didn’t react to that one [apparently referring to Senator Prince Johnson]  because he can kill, he can lie.

He expressed the belief that the public cannot trust the Nimba County Senator on the merit of the allegation that President Weah is plotting to kill Ambassador Boakai because he can kill and lie. “The people of Nimba are so smart, they have recognized that he is a liar; he doesn’t mean well for them.”

He accused the Unity Party of lending credence to the allegation labeled against President Weah because of the UP’s association with the Nimba County Senator. “They say show me your friend and I will know who you are,” Mr. Nagbe indicated, asserting further that they are now accusing the Man of Peace that he wants to kill Mr. Boakai, which he debunked by saying that it is not true.

“It is not true; it is unfortunate because former Vice President Boakai posed no political threat to President Weah when he described himself as being a “a squanderer; a parked car.”  Nagbe said the Unity Party Standard Bearer’s car being parked since 2005 is by now corroded. “By now if he’s still parked, the tyres are burst, the gear boxes are scattered and the engine finished,” the CDC Campaign Manager said.

Accordingly, he re-emphasized that the President is not a killer, he is  Man of Peace; frowning, “For the UP and its members to try to redefine our national and international icon is unacceptable,; even if they disagree with the President , they have to recognize that  he has done great things for Africa and  for the world.

“The other day I was watching TV and they were talking about racism in Europe. And then the President reminded us; just imagine if there is racism in football now. That is what he went through then. That’s how he united the African players together to resist racism when he was playing football in Europe.”, Nagbe said.

He then visited the health issue of Vice President Boakai with a jibe stating, “The Pitcher that is in his heart right now, the President paid for it; why will the President want to kill that kind of man?”

He said the former Vice President  needs to show what he has done in the past 40 years and let the President also  show what he has done for the past less than six years for the purpose of who has worked for the Liberian people’s interest.

CDC Campaign Manager Nagbe started his Campaign statement with rather a civic education for the CDCians as he went about appreciating them for the turnout. “It is not easy to leave your home, your busy schedules to gather here; so we appreciate  you for that. We appreciate you coming here to listen to the president. We appreciate you for the support that you have been giving to the President,” he exclaimed, adding, “We came here because we want to give the President victory to continue development.”

He reminded them that the gathering was about giving President Weah victory at the polls on October 10. “You came here because you want to give the President a victory; to vote for him so that he can start his second term, and so that he can continue all of the developmental projects that he has initiated”, he said.

According to Mr. Nagbe, for President Weah’s victory to be assured, the right thing must be done.    “And for that to happen, we have to do it right. So the last time [meaning 22017] even though you voted for the President, we want more because a lot of invalid votes were cast”, he said.

He announced that October 1 will be the President’s birthday but implored the crowds that they should wait for October 10 to deliver the President’s gift at the polls, pointing out that the electorates must this time be cautious to avoid invalid ballots during the voting process.

‘There were spoiled ballots in 2017   because of the way some of you voted. So we don’t want that problem to happen again. So you know the President’s birthday is Oct. 1.  But on that day you all must mean him; you all must not give him anything. Y’all wait for Oct, 10 before you give him that gift. And y’all know that gift is to vote for him and to vote right,” he pleaded. .

“So for us to vote right, you have to wake up soon and go to your polling center – where you registered …  [when you get there], count up to 18, where you will see the President in the blue coat suit with the fine woman and you give it a check in the space provided. Don’t burst somebody’s eyebolt. And this time Margibi will give more than they did in 2017,” he noted.

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