Pres. Weah Acted On Precedence – Acarus Gray Defends Weah’s ‘Killer’ Statement

By: Rancy S. Teewia

An executive member of the Coalition for Democratic Change (CDC) and Representative of Electoral District #8, Acarus Moses Gray says President George Manneh will not campaign for another political party other than the Coalition for Democratic Change irrespective of the fact that he is the president for all political institutions and all Liberians.

The District #8 lawmaker made the statement on Monday June 25, 2019 during a phone-in interview on the Prime FM Morning Show in Monrovia.

Representative Gray said the decision by President Weah to canvass for CDC candidates is in line with precedent set by the former President Ellen Johnson Sirleaf on many occasions.

He recalled that President Ellen Johnson Sirleaf once told the people of Margibi during her regime to vote for her candidate if development initiatives should be directed to the county.

At the time, Graay alleged that President Sirleaf told the citizens of Margibi, “If you vote for Ballad Zayzay, I will open my door and my arms to you and bring development to you as President; but if you vote for candidate that I don’t know, how do I bring development to you?”

The Montserrado District #8 lawmaker said the Liberian people must be able to understand that the President Weah can understand other sentimental arguments, but added that there exists separation between the president’s political constituency and other political institutions and therefore has right the right to go out and win votes for candidates of the ruling party who are in the race with other political parties.

Gray further argued that President Weah was at the recent political rally at the CDC Headquarters as Standard Bearer for the Coalition for Democratic  Change contrary to the perspectives that the Standard Bearer should stay off campaigning for CDC.

Similarly, Gray indicated that CDCians have no regret for statement by the President Weah during the CDC’s recent political rally at its Headquarters when he referred to the political leader of the All Liberian Party (ALP) and Chairman of the Four Collaborating Parties, Mr. Benoni Urey as ‘killer’.

Urey, as chairman and Standard Bearer of the ALP chairs the opposition Four Collaborating Parties, including the Unity Party (UP), Alternative National Congress (ANC), Liberty Party (LP) and the All Liberian Party.

Representative Gray said the statement made by President Weah over the weekend referring to Mr. Urey as ‘killer’ is in line with the policy with the Coalition Democratic Change, emphasizing, “Let me say this to you effectively that the President’s statement was in line with the policy of the coalition of Democratic Change. He cited the newton law of physics, saying that ‘to every action, there is a reaction.”

According to him, even if President Weah said Urey is a ‘killer’, what does that mean in the first place? He pointed out that at the United Nations are reference when they put a travel ban on Mr. Urey, at which time Gray noted that the Mr. Urey was accused of using the maritime money to buy arms and ammunitions illegally, bringing it to the country. He noted that the weapons purchased by Urey killed Liberian people.

Besides, he noted that the statement by Mr. Urey, calling CDCians ‘cockroaches’  is typical to those used by the Hutus in Rwanda against their rival tribe that they attempted to eliminate during the crisis in that country.

“When people killed people and journalist calling them “cockroaches”, the enmity is clear even in such manner that Mohammed Kadafi used the same word cockroaches when he killed people in Libya,” Gray argued.

He said that it is in this context in referencing us to be ‘cockroaches’ that prompted President Weah to talk about his Urey’s deed, noting that the President did not go to the party Headquarters in his official capacity to address the nation but he went there on a political rally.

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