“Power Abusers Afraid” -Lewis Brown Says; Assures Dec. 17 Rally Will Hold

MONROVIA – The lead campaigner for CPP Standard Bearer Alexander B. Cummings’ 2023 presidential bid says he fully understands that those who abuse power are always afraid when people want to speak to such abuses; however, no amount of threat or intimidation from government “disruptors” will stop the Liberian people from peacefully assembling on December 17, 2022 to express their dissatisfaction over how the Weah-led government is running the country.

Making the statement on Thursday, December 1, 2022 at the National Headquarters of the CPP during the launch, awareness raising and unveiling of the planned December 17, 2022 massive citizens’ rally tagged “We Are Tired” which is to be used as a vehicle for the populace to peacefully assemble and express their frustrations over the myriad of bad governance in the country, Mr. Brown challenged the government, especially referencing Monrovia’s City Mayor Jefferson Koijee as a key disruptor, to respect the rights of the Liberian people instead of stifling their constitution right to free expression and peaceful assembly.

“I owe him no explanation. I owe him no apologies. I don’t expect him to be happy that Liberians are tired suffering and want to express it. You expect Jefferson Koijee to be happy? Those who have privileges and are abusing power are afraid when people want to speak to such abuses.

“But let me tell you what is worse. What leads to chaos is when people don’t exercise that right to express themselves. That is what is troubling for democracy.

“I don’t need Koijee to tell me how to organize a peaceful rally. He has no pedigree. He has no capacity to tell anybody that I just named here how to organize a peaceful rally.

“What he has proven he has is the capacity to disrupt. And I dare him to on that day. Write it and report it, and let him hear me clearly. There is a reason they are afraid of me. Tell that little boy, there will be a rally, a peaceful rally on December 17, and he has no capacity to threaten anyone or disrupt it.  I dare him,” Mr. Brown stated emphatically.

According to Mr. Brown, membership of the Steering Committee for the December 17 rally includes Martin Saye Kollah as Chairman; while other members include Rodney Wilson; David Benito of the People’s Liberation Party (PLP); Amos Myers of the National Association of Community Leaders; Ma Sankay Duncan of the Cross Border Women Association; Roland Trobeh of the United People’s Party (UPP); Prince Kollie of the Yana Boys Association; Kekura Kamara of the National Cultural Union, among others.

Koijee Reacts with Venom

Immediately responding to Lewis Brown’s challenge thrown to the Weah government, Monrovia City Major Jefferson Koijee appeared over the weekend in New Kru Town where he claimed to address Brown’s statement not as an official of the Liberian government, but as “Secretary General of the ruling Congress for Democratic Change.

While acknowledging the suffering of the Liberian populace, the former student activist said people are suffering all over the world, not only in Liberia. But what he has serious problem with that the messenger for the “We are Tired” rally should not be someone whose close affinity with past repressive regimes increased the suffering of the masses.

“Lewis Brown says he is leading his protest for the suffering people. But people are suffering everywhere; in Ghana, in America. But the people that are suffering in America, can we hold President Weah responsible for that? I am not saying that everything is ok in Liberia. But this self-imposed leader of the suffering people in Liberia recognizes today that people are suffering in Liberia. But at least people are not being murdered. There was a time in this country where this man who is claiming to lead a protest was part of a system where they were knocking at people’s door. Let’s ask for the Dokie family. Those days, people were suffering and people were being murdered. Even our president, George Manneh Weah, under that system they nearly killed him. At that time, he (Brown) did not know that the Liberia people were suffering. Yes, people are suffering today, but I don’t think the messenger is the person to lead what he is campaigning for,” Koijee vented, noting that he himself was jailed under the Sirleaf regime in which Mr. Brown served as information minister.

“This is a man who was chief security advisor in a regime that Senator Milton Teahjay narrowly escaped death in this country. They wanted to kill Teahjay and he had to run to New Kru Town here for safety. This man was chief security advisor to former President Taylor, asking for Minton Teahjay’s head. For Lewis Brown to prostrate himself and ask for forgiveness, he has talking about protest. If Cummings knows better, he should keep Lewis Brown far away,” Koijee said.

“I am aware of your history. Liberians are aware of your history. You should be asking the bishops and prelates to pray for you, so the likes of Milton Teahjay can forgive you. As Taylor’s security advisor you sold the entire Southeast; it was being presided over by Captain Marvel, and they were pillaging the resources of the Southeast. And when Teahjay challenged them, what did you do? You asked for the man’s head. This is the man who is talking about leading a march for the suffering people. The real march he should lead is a march of repentance,” Koijee said.

MYS Halts “We are tired” rally at SKD

Interestingly, the December 17, 2022 peaceful “We are tired” rally is booked to be held at the Samuel Kanyon Doe Sports Complex in Paynesville, for which the CPP had accordingly paid the venue rental deposit to the Ministry of youth and Sports. But in a strange twist, Youth and Sports Minister D. Zeogar Wilson has quashed the payment, stating that for technical reasons, the SKD Complex will not used for any political rallies by any political institutions.

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