Police Reaction to Protest ‘Unprofessional’ -Youth Advocate Siah Sicarr Urges Tolerance

By:  Matthew   H. Turry

A youth advocate and former official of the Ministry of Youth & Sports, Mamakiziel   Siah Sicarr, says the Liberia National Police (LNP) and the government in general need to be tolerant in responding to the grievances of the people from whatever sector, noting that the reaction of the police to the  peaceful protest of students of the Monrovia Consolidated School System (MCSS) was “unprofessional.”

Madam Siah Sicarr noting that violence is becoming irrepressible in Liberia, expressed concern over the uncontrollably violence in the country, citing the violent student Tuesday protest of October 15, 2019.

Madam Sicarr, who spoke to our reporter at the Sicarr Girls Academy at Chicken Soup Factory in Gardnersville yesterday, blamed the violence in the country on the government’s action towards those pleading for their rights.

The Youth Advocate who contested the District #13 Representative Elections in 2018 gave instances on the incidence that occurred on Tuesday morning at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs which presently bears the office of the President of Liberia.

She noted that the students’ action was not to harm anyone, but to draw the attention of the government through the President, Dr. George Manneh Weah, to lapses that have concerned their right to education.

Speaking to The Analyst, she lamented on the action of the Liberia National Police using tears gas on peaceful and armless students. She said in every society, the government is responsible to provide quality education for the young generation.

The students bear patience for over three days without teachers coming to class, Madam Siah Sicarr said, noting that the students, being conscience of their right to acquire education, decided to stage the peaceful protest that the police turned violent. She further said that the young people dominantly voted President Weah to power, so there is a need for him to hear their grievances.

She described the reaction of officers of the Liberia National Police as “unprofessionalism”.   The former Youth & Sports official stressed that the police need to exercise tolerance with the citizens.

The young female activist indicated that protest is the beauty of democracy, indicating further that protest is the way disenchanted citizens express their grievances to government.

Madam Siah Sicarr disclosed that the government should not wait for citizens’ strike action before meeting its obligation. The madam explained that during the time of CDC opposition, people used the same step to forward their grievances to the government.

The CDC Government led by Presidents Weah, Madam Siah Sicarr said, needs to protect democracy to the fullest so as to prevent violence. She further noted that good governance can only be obtained when the government is willing to listen to the masses, urging all young people to be peaceful in the process of their advocacy.

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