Police Operation ‘GUARDIAN ANGEL’ Gains Momentum

By: Sallu K. Swaray

The Liberia National Police says it has gain momentum and continued to make successful strive since the launching of the police code name “0peration Guardian Angel” on December 5, 2018.
According to the Press and Public Affairs Department of the Liberia National Police, the Operation Guardian Angel was launched by the Inspector General of the Police; Colonel Patrick K. Sudue is intended to curtail crimes in Monrovia and its environs during the festive seasons of Christmas and New Year.
Though there is no indication of the number of police deployment but the Press and Public Affairs Department of LNP said that it has deployed several heavily armed police officers from the Police Support Unit (PSU) of the Liberian National Police are carrying out vigorous patrols in communities and also protecting the various business centers to ensure the safety of the general public.
The police have also stated that the“0perations Guardian Angel” exercise will remain in force until the end of the Christmas and the New Year festivities, but has again cautioned the general public and the residents of Monrovia to always alert the police by reporting strange movement in their areas.
The reporter is yet to authenticate further about arrests of major crimes or related offenses by the Liberian National Police since the launch of the “0perations Guardian Angel” by the police in the , there has not yet made any arrest or either the report on major incident of crimes related offenses by the Liberian National Police.
The Liberia National Police indicated that they are conducting regular day and night patrols in every part of the city and communities to ensure that the safety and the lives of Liberian civilian population is guarantee at all times.

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