Point 4 Chairman Vows to Fight Crimes -Want Zoegos, Drug Abuse Out of Community

By: Anthony Q. Jiffan, Jr.

The chairman of Point-4 Community in the Borough of New Kru Town, Mr. Sayou Doekpeh, has alarmed over the increase of the under-privileged Liberians who are commonly known as “Zogoes” in his community, but noted that his leadership will ensure they are given notice through the national securities of Liberia. The Zogoes are street hawkers, car loaders and gang of prostitute girls who usually engage in petty thievery and other acts of criminality.

Mr. Doekpeh was elected last Decembers 2019 to the chairmanship of the Point-4 Community in New Krutown and was inducted into office last Saturday.

Giving his induction address last Saturday at the Mandela Soccer Pitch, Mr. Doekpeh said his administration is prepared to fight against drugs abusers or users, crimes, and crimes related activities that are of grave threats to the people of the area.

The new Point-4 Community Chairman called on the zogoes to park off and leave the community, saying “My administration will not condone drug abuse, crimes, and crimes related activities; and as such, the zogoes must get ready to start leaving the community now”.

Doekpeh said the presence of zogoes in the community has posed seriously threats to the lives of citizens and residents in the community, adding that his office will work vigorously with the Liberia Drug Enforcement Agency (LDEA) with sub-office situated in his community and the Liberia National Police (LNP) to ensure that drug abuse and criminal activities are curbed in Point-4 and its surroundings.

The Point-4 Community, he said, is noted for hosting notorious criminals, ghettoes, centers for prostitution, and those engaged in harassing peaceful citizens for their personal belongings, saying that these negativities have made the community fearful to other Liberians that may have intended to stay there for good reasons.

He asserted that the community under his leadership will not encourage negative happenings that had given the community bad image in the past, but will ensure Point-4 becomes a haven where everyone can live in peace and go about their normal activities.

The Point-4 Community Chairman said it is undeniable that the point four community is a place of high criminal rate, proliferation of ghettoes and criminal hideouts, drugs peddlers and drugs users.

In the wake of these, he expressed belief that the expe4ctation of the people are high for change from harboring these harmful people, behavior and habits that have characterized negative implications.

According to him, his leadership in collaboration with state security institutions will work collectively to address some of the security concerns permeating the community and its surroundings noting that his agenda is also aimed at collaborating with nearby community leaders in fighting against these odds.

Chairman Doekpeh promised that his administration will live up to the expectation of community dwellers by providing a leadership that is authentic and responsive to the needs and concerns of the people, in fulfilment of his campaign promises that promises transparent and accountable leadership.

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